Nissan Leaf S - $125pm, $350 DAS

Didn’t want to share until I had it in my drive but part of it feels like it’s a glitch in the Matrix and part feels like there is still something wrong and expecting thing to go ugly in future…

But here goes the story. Saw few posts mentioning Leafs high residual so I checked out inventory around without much hope since CT isn’t known for good EV deals compare to NJ and NY.

But I found one S and played on the dealership website with @Buyathome option. Left all my contact info.

Got a call next day from (what I learned later Was GSM) and conversation was

Me: do you participate in CT EV rebate program?
GSM: yes. How much do you want to put down?
Me: use CT rebate to cover DAS like normal fees, tax, etc.
GSM: ok, that would $125pm and $0 out of pocket.
Me thinking to myself - WTF? That easy? Something odd.
Me to him: I’ll take it.

Honestly I didn’t care how they worked the numbers with that monthly and DAS.

So went to dealership today and got the car at the agreed price BUT the contract looks weird especially section 4 since I didn’t put any mo eye down nor there was any trade in. On the other hand MSRP on the windows sticker is $28k including destination charge.

See pics below for contract number is anyone wants to decipher and let me what what sort of fudgery is going on there

But the car is in the driveway with 18 months lease and 12k miles… how? I don’t know. I didn’t even negotiate, so it was like a surprise to me how it all happened gives everyone’s stories in current market.

P.S I’m not even sure how to properly post it in signed deals since number are all over the place.


How much is the CT rebate? What are the other rebates?

How much NMAC lease cash does your zip code have, per Edmunds?

The funny part, I didn’t even have a chance to ask Edmunds. I glanced that many zip codes were quoted at standard $2k something from Nissan.
CT has $2,250 CHEARP rebate.
So nowhere near what is covered in section 4.

Plus rent charge is almost $0 while I don’t think MF is that low.

Great deal! Sounds like your experience with Nissan was pretty smooth. I tried to find a local deal on a frontier in Connecticut earlier this year- yikes. It was constant emails and phone call spam with nothing productive. Seems like you lucked out!

Edit: I was just poking around with Nissan buy at home and they say Nissan does 2,100 rebate in these for Connecticut. Looks like that’s where the 4,350 came from (2,100 from Nissan 2,250 from cheapr)


Great deal, good driving!

So what did the $350 DAS go towards, if the GSM told you $0 out of pocket?

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1st months payment and DMV registration. I was fine with that so didn’t raise hell. I wanted $125pm car😂


Rebate make sense. But the whole cap cost reduction doesn’t.

These guys just bought Nissan dealership a months ago I’m told and that could have been why I got lucky.

jesus that looks way over sticker if your rebate is $2250. contract also looks really off. i see where the 4350 rebates came from. looks like they capped the car at 5k over sticker and then used the same 4350 as “cash”.

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Seems like NMAC will reject this, but shouldn’t the calc look more like this?

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That’s what I’m thinking NMAC can reject that but I’ll deal with that when it happens.

Yeah, it was totally off the way I see vs what I had to pay. Don’t know why they did it this way.
Thanks for putting it together into the calc as to what it should look like.

contract might bounce, be wary.

What’s usually the timeframe to assume safe contact passage? 2 weeks?

if they e-contract, contract validation is instant.

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Yes, it was via they iPads as per sales person it went instantly to NMAC. Got all account activation emails today as well as $250 EVgo credit.

I absolutely don’t want a Leaf but after reading this thread last night, I threw out feelers for my local Nissan dealers to see what comes up. I need a EV/PHEV soon and althu i want something more fun to drive, at <200, I’ll sit in dog-turd and drive to work if I have to


thats what most of the people who reserved the leafs i had earlier this month. even then, out of 14 posted, i only sold 7, as dealer employees took the rest, given the payment + being able to stack $1150 of VPP on it.


Sounds like it’s a done deal then - congrats!!!


Let me understand, this is $125 a month with nothing except first payment down?

@boozinix exactly! I do not even want something electric but if it beats paying $400 a month for a Corolla, why not!


I reached out to a CT dealer and got “2022 Nissan Leaf S

18 Months, 12k per year

$169.87 per month with $0 out of pocket.”

$3,400 for a car for 18 months isn’t bad ($3000 payments and $395 disposition fee.) but I’ll keep looking.

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