Nissan/Infiniti Pull Ahead


I’ve looked all over for this but can’t seem to find any information on this specific question (and wouldn’t necessarily trust a dealer to give me a straight answer). Will Nissan do a pull-ahead (2-3 months of payments) on a current Infiniti lease? I’m looking at the 2019 Nissan Altimas as a possible replacement for my Q50.

I read that they at least offer the $500 excess wear allowance and the disposition fee waiver if going from Infiniti to Nissan, but couldn’t find anything about the pull-ahead.


I inquired about this last month; looking to replace a Pathfinder with a QX60. I was told that they would eat 2 of the 6 remaining pmts + $500 credit towards wear and tear.


Excellent, thank you for this information!


this was the case last month, OP should double check this month as incentives change on a monthly basis


Thank you for this. I’m so used to dealing with Infiniti that I’m not even sure how to check on other available incentives for Nissan. Would a dealer likely be straightforward about everything?


The official pull-ahead program comes straight from Nissan/Infiniti, doesn’t cost the dealer anything so there’s no reason for them to try to hide it, if anything it helps them sell you a new car by getting you out earlier without any cost to them. 2-month pull-ahead was available so that sounds about right and makes sense for them to not discontinue in December.

But yes, you always have to be careful with dealers and ask them if it’s the official pull-ahead offered by Nissan (not some dealer gimmick where they “pull ahead” but in reality just roll it into your next lease)


Drove the new Altima yesterday! Loved it. But wait for the 2.0t. I did a test with Dragy, and got 6.86s to 60 on the 2.5. Bet the turbo will be like 5.5s.


Must really depend on dealer. They told me when you have 6 months left, come in for an upgrade.


NMAC is never 6 months pull ahead. Dealer gimmick in this case.


Dealer has nothing to do with the official pull-ahead program. Your dealer will just roll 4 payments over to the new lease.


Oh ok. But in some cases car is worth more than payoff.


Not typically in a sedan, unless you got fleeced on your deal initially.


I have seen many people come out even with payoff…because in MD we also get tax credit when trading in.


Plus many dealers will over allow trades for loyal customers.


I honestly don’t care about acceleration that much for this car. The more powerful engine won’t come with AWD either (which I’m not too hyped-up about, but I’d prefer AWD over better acceleration).

Heated seats, CarPlay, remote start, easy-ish on the eyes, good on gas. It’s everything I really want in a car to replace my Q50. Pull-ahead, VPP, possible loyalty and/or conquest help sweeten the deal. I’m just concerned they won’t discount much since it’s so new.


Most likely a true statement.

How many months do you have left? If you can hold out till March, that’s Nissan’s fiscal year end. You might have better luck then.


Hmm, this is really great information! Thank you! My lease is up at the end of May; I only have five payments left. March would be a really good time for me to look at something but sooner would be ideal. I’m not in a crunch since I basically don’t have to use my current lease again at all unless my other car I’m using breaks down. Still have about 1300 miles left on the Q50.


there’s no guarantee that there will be a pull-ahead in March, certainly not a longer pull-ahead

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Just reached out to the salesman I leased my Infiniti through (he now works at Nissan) to inquire about pull ahead and loyalty. He said everything applies. He then proceeded to quote me $408/mo on a $28,255 2.5 SR model. This is with only $1236 rolled over if pull-ahead does indeed apply like he said. I asked for the breakdown.

$408/mo for a $28k car when he knows that’s right about what I’m paying per month for my $44k Infiniti. I understand that it’s a game and this is his highest quote, but holy crow. At least I won’t feel bad putting the screws to him on a deal.


I have 4 payments remaining on my Infiniti lease, several years ago, I believe early 2013, nmac/Infiniti offered up to 6 months which I jumped on. has anyone heard of any enhancements to the standard 2 months either now or in near future?