Nissan ARIYA Discussion Thread

Do we have a deal?

I do have but this offer is firm.

One of the most upside-down lease positions I’ve ever held.



Is EVGo no longer being offered?

I’m about to get an Ariya next week.

No EVgo or Wallbox charger.

That’s a bummer… was hoping to use EVGo in conjunction with my Genesis’s EA.

Single motor and not driving it nicely at all

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May be you can use your EA account to charge Arya if you can start the session via EA app. Plus not sure how EgVo in your area - but in mine Evgo is non existent so that benefit = $0 for me.

There are only 4 EA stations in my area while there are about 10 EVGos around, including 2 on my way to/from work.

Adding them to my free charging options would be great.

I’ll happily accept someone’s credentials to EVGo if they won’t use it at all. :innocent:


Road trip with two Ariya’s from BOS to NYC
126 KW which is highest I’ve got on Ariya so far


I’ve noticed once outside temp got into summer, I’m getting 125kwh charge speed almost all the time while during winter it would average around 75kwh

You know how your car batteries charge quicker when preheated in winter? I’m no chemistry guy but I assume that is the case for the chargers themselves too.

Similar experience last Saturday on EVGo station

Yeah, I almost always forget to turn on pre-heat before heading to EA…
And on ID.4 I don’t even know if that option exists.

So I just go with whatever it can do once I get to the supercharger.

For any of you that may be in SoCal, what are your insurance and registration fees like on the Ariya? I like the car but want to get an idea of how much higher insurance and registration renewal may be


2021 Gas Car $1200 yr
2023 EVs (2) $1700 yr

full coverage

Can you really do a one-pay and 10 MSD’s on one of these?

Nissan doesn’t have 10 MSDs, I think it’s 3?
And MSDs are very dealer specific

I asked because the Calculator says you can

Oh that’s new to me. I wonder if it is true.

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