🦁 Next Level Auto Brokers LLC Land Rover deals! Full Size Range Rover and Range Rover Sport in stock! NY/NJ/PA ONLY

For those tired of hearing dealers asking for $20-50k over sticker on full size Range Rover and Range Rover sport, we have inventory slowly starting to trickle in.

*there is $3k in dealer product for exterior/interior/glass protection

Wait times on v8s is about 12-18 months
Wait times on LWB 7 seater is about 18-24 months

SWB only at the moment
V8 SWB available
Autobiography available

$899 broker fee

will update as inventory becomes available

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had to get one myself!



What is the actual price being offered? Don’t see that in OP. Good to see RR deals coming back regardless.


2023 White V8 SWB $144.6k MSRP available for immediate delivery


2023 Black V8 SWB $143k MSRP available for immediate delivery


2023 RRS first edition v8
Varesine Blue
Black 23” wheels

$132k MSRP


Looking for a full size V6 SWB. Please let me know what you have available or incoming.

Yes a bronze one is available in a 6 swb

Interested in autobiography

How are the lease on them right now?

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haven’t checked…all have been purchases because of the instant equity in them

2 full size RR v8s and 1 I6 SWB available!

Must be NJ/PA resident

1 RRS first edition available

Must be NY/NJ/CT/PA

Looking for a LWB for my wife- if you come across any cancellation or stock.

I’m gonna tell u right now

if anyone cancels a LWB 7 seater, I’m taking it lol :rofl:

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Can you send me the info for the first edition… specs and price. I’m interested in that one

I hope then there are two cancellations!!

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Sent you a DM

First edition sport V8 just arrived!


You have any red interior?

My wife has a 2023 p400 SWB …what are they selling for used now? Over MSRP?

depending on your spec and miles, these are going for close to sticker for the I6 swb

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Interested in a V8 SWB. Any available?