🦁 Next Level Auto Brokers LLC Land Rover deals! Full Size Range Rover and Range Rover Sport in stock! NY/NJ/PA ONLY

none available at the moment

What are you running on D110’s and D130’s?

Any Discovery ?

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Peace fellas!

I am in the market for a new SUV my lease on my 2020 X5 40i is up soon. What is the deal with a P360 or P400 black/black or Red/Black RRS (lease if possible). Any good deals on them? I need to make a decision once I know the numbers. Thank you

fam, any range rover available?

no all sold out at the moment

What about midsize availability - Discovery Sport, Evoque, etc?

are you buying this for an enemy?


IDK are they bad? I haven’t looked at them in person yet. Land Rover isn’t exactly known for reliability, but surely it won’t be a headache until after the lease ends?

I’m looking at every option for something reasonably nice with 4WD/AWD and decent off road capability. Not like rock crawling but some forest roads and things like that. Is there any other option that’s reasonably reliable besides Toyota or Jeep? Grand Cherokee maybe?

Isn’t the q5’s quattro pretty solid? or the lexus GX

Lexus GX might be a tad too large. Also really not a fan of Lexus in general, but I’ll look at them again since it’s been at least 5 or 6 years.

Considering the Q5, but doesn’t really have offroad modes, and the Audi dealer nearest me I wouldn’t go near with a 10’ pole so I haven’t looked at one yet.

Also looking into the new Grand Cherokee but it seems to be a mixed bag, and maybe an X3 AWD

the xc60 has off road mode too. Should cost less than an x3 and is better I think

Full size autobiography SWB for sale at sticker!

Must be NJ/NY resident

$169k sticker

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Any SE V8 or I6 available?

Is this still available