Next Gen Tundra - Spied

The Tundra is the least exciting of all trucks. It is the appliance of trucks. Well made but very rudimentary


Bit late for MY21

Maybe 2022? Or 23?

I don’t mind my Taco… tundra feels like a long overdue for change

This should be launching as a MY22, Tundra MY21 EOP August 2021.

Big changes in the BOF sector for Tundra and by extension Toyota/Lexus.

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Can’t wait for $200 tundra deals to be back!

I bet this thing will haul a lot of plywood.

Really cool car for the husband to get in the divorce.

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Not going to happen


Maybe in 2042 when they clear these out for the next generation


Huge move in getting rid of the leaf springs. My only gripe about the Tundra has been the stiff ride, the dodge trucks drive like cars.

Yeah, well… haha

Hopefully by 2030


Toyota is kinda of in a good spot. The supply woes of tundras could be the best way of rolling down till EOP. Get em while they’re hot and maybe the last of the reliable 5.7 v8s.

I do think some unicorn deals on the existing platform may be born once they actually announce the Tundra (I’m speculating May like the both the virtual Sienna and Venza launches)

Damn, and these puppies are gonna be so expensive. I can’t even find a TRD PRO in my area and they are selling above MSRP. I can’t imagine what they’ll be like with the new design.

I believe the next tundra will be more like the rest of the trucks on the market, except it will be the most dependable as always.

Depends. These will have powertrains never used before ever on a Toyota badged product. The hybrid idea was Toyotas thing, and Ford kinda beat them to the punch.

We shall see if Toyota waited and forced Ford to prematurely show their hand, or if Toyota was outdone by the biggest seller. The F150 is not a clean sheet design and is suppose to hold Ford over till they launch their ground up 2026 all electric platform.

Days of cheap tundras will be gone for a year or more, and start to normalize.

So years behind the competition? Sounds about right.

A 500/mo tundra that gets 22-24mpg is the same as a 2021 that gets 12mpg at 350/mo…

Especially at 3.50-4/gal gas

I believe they’re also doing a 6.5’ bed option with the crew cabin.