Next Gen Tundra - Spied

It’s almost impossible to be cutting edge and reliable at the same time. Gotta choose one or the other.


if you are talking about being the earlier one to put hybrid powertrain on a truck…sure…

but remember, Tundra is not Flagship Vehicle neither is make or break product for Toyota. Cant say the same about Ford & F150.

Tundra may be in the same class but Toyota never really tried to dominate that market in a true sense.

True that the F150 is the segment leader, and its got to to go big or go home.

The issue though is the next gen Tundra, is pivotal for Toyota. If you compare the sales data on TMC BOF and the age/features they dont make sense; how are decade old products, missing basic features selling in the that number? Simple mechanics, good ole NA motors etc.

Now they’re heading in a different direction, and have to convince their “FI and hybrids are unreliable” loyalists to trust them while simultaneously expecting their new products to command full price.

Thats a tall order

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Truer words have never been spoken

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It wouldn’t make sense at all to attempt to do so.

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Toyota PR tagline
“Dominating SOON”

not /s

I remember the less futile attempt at competing with the big 3 with the “towing” of space shuttle campaign…& dont remember any other tundra PR campaign after that…they realized it it wasnt worth it…

They saved all the marketing $$ that the BIG 3 were spending & just kept selling the same old Tundra for years with minimum to none new investment in the actual product…but unlike Nissan they didnt abandon the product which helped with the reliability image…

I loved my 2008 Tundra back in the day… thought it was the prettiest truck on the road compared to the americana.

Also Toyota quality…

Not sure why so much criticism. This thing will be awesome with a hybrid V6

Because it’s 2021 and they’re still selling the same truck you had in 2008 with only a minor refresh

There are doing a 6.5’ bed for the whiners. Speaking of whiners, lots of Tundra haters in here following a thread for the New Tundra lol. 50% of them will be buying too lol

Awesome…I am not sure but will be a well needed upgrade…