Newbie looking for comments on this Porsche 911 c4s deal. TIA

Lease 2020 Porsche 911 carrera 4S
MSRP: $146380.00
7500 miles/year
42 months term
0 down (just first month payment due)
Routine maintenance/service included.

I expect to drive somewhere between 7500-10000miles/year. Is it worth going up to 10,000miles/year upfront, ask about pre-purchase option and buy it based on how things go or pay 30 cents/mile overuse?

Round up, not down!

Also post RV, MF, incentives, sale price…

You need more details for people to evaluate but the total cost of the lease looks outrageous.

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RV 60%
MF 0.0020
No incentive
I believe selling price is $134K (have been back and forth with few dealers, some on phone, so not 100% sure)

Inclusive of all taxes, all fees rolled into monthly payment.

I agree.

You are paying 80k to drive a car for just over three years. Financing may be a better option.

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Have you looked into the Aston Martin Vantage? I’m seeing lease deals in the $1300-$1500 range for stickers around $180K for 36 months and $0 DAS. Seems like a better deal.

Here’s a basic advertisement for a red one in Charlotte:

@fredyge94 is our NY Porsche guy, if you buy or lease, give him a chance to earn your business, I highly recommend him! He works at manhattan motor cars, and they have a few of this trim available.


Buy buy buy buy buy buy Buy buy buy buy buy buy Buy buy buy buy buy buy Buy buy buy buy buy buy this car don’t lease it. You’re burning thousands of dollars on rent charge. Around $400-$450/month.


Hey man
I like 911s a lot. But are you sure you want to pay $1899 for a C4S?
AML Vantages on this forum are going around $1150 for a $182k MSRP…

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Hey, I was one of the posters for those, those were 0 down, required conquest on a Vantage class car, think R8, any '13+ McLaren, Porsche, or Jaguar F Type, and 5k miles/year.

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I hear you guys - I’ve always had issues with buying. Car is still depreciating and then obviously you’re stuck with it.

Manhattan motors unfortunately didn’t have the color combo I wanted.

This one has premium and sports chrono package and some more other add-ons. They threw in maintenance as well so I guess my question is:

Without comparing it to Aston Martin and other competitive cars - is the consensus that it’s not a good deal for this car? I thought MF are RV were what most people had mentioned in the group.

Chris- did you say buy? Lol

Translates to 4.8% :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Idk why with all the comments on this thread you didn’t get a straight answer.

I think that’s a decent deal on that car, considering it’s 0 down and the payments are still below 2k.

I’ve never looked too much into the c4s but I know If you got a 911 S w/ 5k down $1350 -$1450 a month+ tax with 5k mileage allowance, you didn’t do too bad. So that might be a good reference point.

With that being said, others are right about buying being the better option on a porsche but there are a lot of times when buying aren’t the right decision for certain people.

And as far as the Aston Martin goes… it’s not even a comparable car. It’s like saying ohh you wanna get a Lambo for 3k a month!!! They’re leasing the i8 for $850.

I love the c4s. It’s beautiful and the redesign is amazing.

I’m not sure your getting the “most amazing” deal but it’s definitely not a bad deal. Also if your looking for a very specific build, color combo, and specifically the 4s, it makes it that much harder to score a killer deal.

Agreed… The Aston is something I’d actually like.

But seriously, this has been answered. With those lease terms, a decent deal is to buy rather than lease. There are cars where leasing just doesn’t add up.

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Idk honestly even if you were to buy I think you’re better of leasing in the first place.
What if the car gets in an accident? Then you’ll be stuck with a 140K Porsche with a bad carfax. Leasing provides a piece of mind and the high MF can be justified as an insurance policy to maintain the right to walk away. Chances are given the 911’s market, he’s going to have positive equity towards the end of the lease, can always do a quick flip and recover some of the cash lost to the lower residual. & if he does want to buy the car, the option is always there.

$15000 in rent charge buys a lot of insurance

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True but it’s hard to imagine anyone getting a 911 C4S on lease that doesn’t plan on having a few biz write downs

I like the Aston too. I saw a deal on it that had me tempted, but still I can’t see myself driving that for 3 years, much less spending $1300 on it for 3 years.

If I could lease it for 6 months I’d be all over it.

If I was even debating a Vantage vs a 911 S for the same price I’d go with the Porsche. Unfortunately though even the S leases for more than a Vantage.

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