New x5 with expired temporary license plate, am I screwed?


I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, I leased a new x5 from openroad bmw NJ, I signed all the paperwork and paid for it. My temporary license plate already expired on the 18th. For the last two weeks, I have been calling them more than 20 times, trying to find out what is going on, the sale guys already left the company, and the people sent me the paperwork and the two sales managers never picked up the phone and never replied my voicemail. (one sales manager did take my phone call once and told me he would call me back on that day, and he did not and after that all the call went directly to
his VM).

So looks like I am stuck here, I was wondering is there anything I can do? Am I just being screwed?

How does it work in NJ? Do you get plates from the dealer or what? What happens when you call the dealer, are they still open? Ask for title department?

The dealer is closed and the DMV has been closed for the at least a week. You are most likely SOL.

If you get pulled over, I’m sure the police officer will be understanding if you explain the situation.


The dealer is not closed yet, I called them twice yesterday, the frontdesk picked up the phone and forwarded my call to two different managers, each time I left vm, and nothing happened after that. just like the 20+ called i made in the last two weeks. nobody bothered to returned my call.

or at worst, take the ticket if he’s not, and plead not guilty. The judge should be pretty lenient considering the circumstances.

The DMV is closed here and they are giving everyone a free pass until April 9th(Denver). Booze can be sold by restaurants as carry out(can I get a straw with that?), and I haven’t seen anyone pulled over in over a week.

The highways are empty and everyone is treating it like the Autobahn

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Yes the sales dept is closed (starting today), I can guarantee that, as it is designated as non-essential. No one knows when they will be open again, as do they. So I’m sure like any dealer in NJ they were scrambling at the last minute for deals.

The DMV is also closed. Calling them and threatening the dealer won’t really get anything done considering the dmv is closed and they can’t get you plates.

Considering they can’t get you plates or help your situation, I can see why they didn’t get back to you.

PS: I have no affiliation with Open Road, nor have I ever sold a car with them.

I am Missouri.

And I am starting to worry about that I might never get my license plate from them. It seems that there is nothing I can really do if the only thing I can get a hold of is the voicemail.

That adds a layer of complication.

I don’t think you will be seeing your plates for a long time, unless you do them yourself.

like @nyclife indicated, you’re likely screwed at this point. DMV is closed, and the dealership is closed. You’re not going to have much of a choice but to roll the dice until things start opening back up.

Tesla did that to me, I filed a complaint to the dmv by mail and got my plate within two weeks. I just drove around.

There was a dealership in California where they took the customer money and never paid the dmv because they were going broke

A side question, I live in Missouri, and in this case, will I get a NJ license or a MO license?

First time leasing a car out of state, not sure how exactly things should work, thanks!

You get a plate for where the car is registered, just like you pay sales tax for where the car is registered.

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Buying out of state, I’ve had the situation go one of two ways, depending on the dealership and their process:

  1. Dealership sends me title and a Power of Attorney form in the mail. I take this to the DMV, register in my state and get a plate on the spot. Take off the temp plate, put on the new one in the parking lot and I’m all set.

  2. Dealership handles all title work, submits for the plate and receives it, then sends to me. It’s kind of ass backwards and takes longer, and I’ve had my temp plate expire and the dealer needed to send me a new temp plate, but also requires me to skip a DMV trip.

Either way, if MO DMV is closed, there is likely nothing you can do. If they are still open, you’d likely get a better answer talking to them about the situation. At worst, if you are unable to talk to the DMV, contact your local police department non emergency line. They can let you know if things will slide, or might be able to give advice.


You can also try to get a hold of BMW customer relations. If Open road never opens its doors again, the agreement is between you and BMW FS (assuming X5 is leased or financed). This crisis is unprecedented so you might ask BMW to send you a power of attorney which they never do since the dealership hasn’t been able to assist. It’s been a tough couple weeks for everyone trust me, but hopefully between MO DMV and BMW FS (800-578-5000) you will be able to get your plates.

Have this handy. F&I or a registration rep should have explained this:

  • New insurance card for MO showing the new car

  • Property tax assessment paid: copy of the customer’s property tax receipt or statement of Non-Assessment from the home county for the current year showing you’re paid up to date or had no taxes due.

Use this link:

One more note. To the best of my knowledge MO doesn’t charge you penalties for late registration, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask to get them waived in your scenario if they do.

This should help out a lot, but if you still need help you can shoot me a PM. I have repeat BMW clients in every state so I’m very familiar with what to do to assist you. Be safe and good luck!


Just keep a copy of your papers locked in glove compartment. Im sure any cop who pulls over will be very understanding. Also keep a copy of your monthly statement from bmw in ur car so you can show that you are the legal owner. Im sure it has last 7 of vin (i think)

OP probably needs to first figure out where it’s registered - MO or NJ…

It’s temporarily registered in NJ while he awaits registration in MO. That he already knows.

Statement of non-assessment is a pain in the ass. OP will need this if it is his/her first time registering an out of state vehicle.

When I purchased my vehicle from IL (new) and registered it to MO, I was able to get the plates on the same day.

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