New (to order) build BMW, how aggressive can I be?

Thread title should explain. I’m considering this option to obtain a color I can’t seem to get out of my head and while it’s stupid and crazy for our purpose to shop the car and not the deal, I want my cake and eat it too!

So for the most part I’m well versed on shrewd negotiation when it comes to either new but aged, unloved, or otherwise used (loaner) inventory concerning BMW’s but haven’t seen much talk of expectations or possibilities when talking about builds to order.

Ideas? Input?


Which model?

440i or xi Convertible.

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I have no first hand experience with this but I feel like it should be a good discount. It is almost a guaranteed sale (unless you back out). They order a car that they would have ordered anyway (likely) and when it arrives it is sold. But again I never did this.

Just an option you could always get a car with the interior match then wrap your car, would save you some money probably also save the car from scratches etc… just another option if your not getting a good deal on the build

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If you’re ordering a custom build, you’ll find some dealers are only willing to sell it to you at invoice (about 6% off purchase price). If you shop around in person you’ll find dealers that like to go for volume and sell cars that will be willing to discount 10-11%. For the best deal you’d want to order towards the end of the year when dealers are trying to meet their numbers, though I haven’t seen higher than 12% (yet) on a custom build.

Also keep in mind if it’s not a popular color dealers will proceed with caution since if the deal falls through they’ll have to sell the car themselves, so they might build that risk into the deal.


You’d think that but unfortunately it’s not the case. Dealers usually will offer better deals on in-stock cars.

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I have noticed that for models that I have been looking at (330i and X3), most dealers have mainly black and white exterior colors. There are very few silver cars available.

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What color?

I’d like to see if I can order in a Misano Blue Metallic or Yas Marina Blue.

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Yeah I’m thinking close to MY close out for best possible discount.

My thought is no floor plan costs, guaranteed sale, so triple net (13%) should be easy enough given my history with my dealer…

Well, there goes that idea. Looks like new builds now defaulting to 2020 but will be working with my contact to see how sweet we can make this.

@N5651 did mention possibility of wrapping and if the price diff is huge between ordering color I want and getting an in stock unit this may be an idea as well…

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Typically custom BMW (Individual) colors are $5k and up. It is also usually only reserved for M models.

A custom build sounds great in theory for a dealer since it’s a guaranteed sale and they don’t have to account for flooring or advertising costs, but in my experience they’re more likely to do a deeper discount on an in-stock car.

I wonder what the best deal somebody here has been able to get on a custom build. Usually the best deals come when a car has already been sitting on the lot for a few months.

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With BMW’s you will get a better deal on an in-stock car than a custom build. Dealers are careful taking crazy color orders or building in too many options cos if you don’t take delivery they will be left holding it to sell.
The main advantage/benefit of custom build is if you are getting a Euro delivery…not worth it for leasehackr-ing,

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There is a 440 speced almost exactly how I’d want It. Just missing AWD…obviously the color is off as well.

Price it out with the dealer. As long as the car has all the essential options you wanted, it might not be worth spending a few thousand more to have a car special ordered in a rare color.

Curious if you were able to get 13%?

I custom ordered a 2020 Volvo v60 cc and was able to get to10% discount with $750 lease bonus. Without the bonus it was an 8.6% off. I tried for quite awhile to find one spec’d out close but no luck, because it’s such a new model and wagons are not that popular I am ok with the deal. Also I was able to use the “pull ahead” program and turn my 2017 Volvo CC 6 months early and close to spot on in my miles. Not sure if that’s helpful.

@Electric I just saw this. Why do you need awd aren’t you in Texas? If the discount was much deeper snow tires rules w rwd then all seasons w awd but I understand the pain in switching and storing