New to Leasing Looking for tips on leasing a BMW i4 edrive35

I’m in Nc and I’m looking up how to structure a deal on a bmw i4 edrive35 but I do see anyone talking about deals in NC. Can someone help me on what to ask off the Msrp and the best dealers to look for ? 10k/36m lease. I can do 7.

Whats a BMW e350? Do you mean a Benz? Or are you looking for a BMW?

My apologies I meant this bmw i4 edrive35

Check Edmunds for the trim, term and mileage to get your residual and interest. I think the 40 and xdrive 40 have better programs but you should double check. From there, you can compare with the advertised deals in marketplace, which tend to be around 10% and shoot for that or maybe better.

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My buddy has two i4’s for lease transfer…he is beyond OCD with his cars, and a huge BMW fan. PM me if interested.

Xdrive 40:


Sounds like you are in Charlotte? Most of the BMW dealers I spoke to in the state don’t want to play ball with leases or maybe I didn’t want to put in the work.

I ended up leasing an iX arranged by Scott at IAC, and my brother in law just did the same for a deal for an X3.

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Anyone leasing a i4 M50 looking at this since my C43 AMG lease is up.

Yep I’m in charlotte. They don’t even want to move old units

New here. Who is Scott at iac

Check out his offerings in the Marketplace here:


^Thanks for posting his info.

He’s a broker who has awesome BMW deals. Like every broker there’s a fee but he’s great to work with twice now.


Thanks I’ll be in contact with him in the upcoming 2 months