New Sidebar and Notification Menu

We are implementing a new sidebar and notification menu to make the forum easier to navigate. Here are some quick notes:


  • You can hide the sidebar by clicking the hamburger icon on the upper left-hand corner
  • You can customize the categories and tags you want on your sidebar via Preference >> Interface >> Sidebar
  • You can toggle the light/dark/neutral themes at the bottom of the sidebar

Notification Menu

  • You can now filter out notification based on its type (replies/tagged v. likes received)

Thanks. I just saw these and kept thinking why I didn’t notice it before. Only just realized it is new.

Where did my “unread” and “latest” go? :thinking:

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Not a fan so far. It showed two alerts for me today and when i clicked on it, it showed me a bunch of alerts from months ago. Maybe it’ll just take some getting used to and figuring out how it displays stuff.


Same here. It doesn’t show any notifications for my thread, only things from over a year ago. How am I supposed to know if someone replied to one of my posts? I don’t always get emails when someone replied to my thread.

Not a fan. Make it so we can at least collapse it to the left.

EDIT. never mind, I figured out how to do it. lol

I like it! I’ve never been a fan of how Discourse arranges things as it seems they intentionally don’t want you to navigate, so I’ve resolved to simply hit ‘Latest’ over and over, rather than back-nav to home page and scroll. This is a nice improvement, imo. Insofar as necro’d alerts, clicking ‘Dismiss’ cleaned it up instantly, and new ones already arriving as usual. Thanks!

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Found “unread”.

Love that G L will take me to latest.

Now requires extra click on “everything” to get to “latest” and “unread” without scrolling all the way up :neutral_face:

I am experiencing the same thing where the old notifications stick around. Let me contact the dev team to see if there is a fix for the bug.

I would say give it a week. I was hesitant about the new UI but after playing around a bit more, I see a lot of benefits, especially for newer users who are unfamiliar with the structure of the site.

What do you mean? Are you on PC or mobile?

Are you clicking on the general notification tab? Even though there are a lot of old notifications, new notifications still show up as expected for me.


Need this (“Unread”):

Had to play with the settings but for the sidebar ‘Everything’ link to go to Latest, had to set the option to this:

If you use the other option:


Clicking ‘Everything’ will take you to Unread.

The nice thing about the 2nd option though is it shows you the unread count.


I think the one issue with this new layout is that the Latest Unread and New links used to be at the top frozen header when you scroll down. Now it’s not there and you have to use the left sidebar but it only lets you select Latest or Unread/New depending on your preferences setting. I sometimes use both.

I did both. But look at my notifications, for instance. It has some messages but literally no replies to my threads show up. Further down (but edited because of messages), it has stuff from over a year ago.

When I first browsed the site earlier today (and noticed the new format), I did not have this prob.

When I returned to the site just now, I have notification from, like, years ago showing up (“First Emoji” from 11/2018). When I click on those old notifications, they not only disappear but I think they get reshuffled to the correct chronological order in the alerts.

I think there is def a bug in the system.

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That’s what I pointed out above :slight_smile:

Also, not only am I not seeing replies to threads, but I have notifications mixed in from @AP919, like this one! That’s from August, by the way, so it’s still not current.


The old notifications do not disappear from the notification menu when I click on them. :confused: