New Member got a couple of questions (and sharing my past lease)

Hey guys,
My last lease was on Nov of 2016 and didn’t know of this site. I got my RV and MF from edmunds and I used TrueCar to figure out discounts and average sales of a car. Back then I was looking at a base Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger… it turned out Dodge was the best deal. For your amusement, I imputed it the Leaserhack Calculator to get a score:

at 9.8 it doesn’t seem that bad… but I probably left some money on the table. What number should I be aiming for?.. 11?

Second question… what is the best time to the year to get a good lease? I picked November when I did my last lease hoping to get additional discounts as dealer are trying to unload their last 2016 models. Is that a good strategy or something like Memorial day works out better?

My lease expires this November and I’m already looking to see what will be my next car (I’m aware that MF & RV will fluctuate a lot, but it helps me know is available currently on the market) .

When it comes to cars I have a great taste, but my wallet does not match my taste lol. So my main focus is to keep the price down to basically what I’m paying right now ($175-250 - for a 12k miles lease). I would love a luxury sedan, but I imagine they will be out of my price range, so I have been looking for other creative options.

What brands are more prone to provide good leases that I can focus?

Anyway, I mostly wanted to say hello… I get the feeling my questions has been answered a million times already.


Leasehackr score doesn’t hold that much value. A BMW with the same score as an Audi could have the Audi being an amazing deal and the BMW being awful. I ignore it.

It depends. Any sales event that is tied to a holiday is generally BS. It is all a marketing gimmick (that has worked considering how many people believe holiday sales events automatically mean the best deals). PSA...Holiday car sales are a gimmick

Wait until October to research. What leases well now won’t necessarily lease well then.

Thanks, I appreciate the input!