New MDX 2022 prototype-early 21 release

What do you think?

Looks rather boring and looks like a Mazda CX-9

Neither radical nor ambitious but why stop the marketing bozos from doing their thang

Just like Cadillac’s latest campaign


Cadillac and Acura have the same problem, 60 year old pencil pushers who commute to the office in their Toyota Avalon are the ones who are making important decisions.


If they were your college friends, who took different classes, bragging how good your group project was going because you told them how hard you worked on it.

“Radically Ambitious” is more polite than “lazy af”

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It’s a three row family hauler and Acura’s cash cow. What were they supposed to say, we made incremental improvements to our most popular vehicle so as not to alienate our key demo of college educated 30-50 year old woman with household income over 175k.

I don’t think it was lazy. They did what they needed to do to keep the metal moving for the next six years.


Cadillac sees you and raises

Iconic :x:
Luxury :x:
The ultimate of both :x:

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We’ve lightly refreshed your favorite Cheerio catcher


Yes, absolutely. Call it brand new and highlight the improvements

I have the attention span of a goldfish now, I’ve lost all interest in your brand new vehicle after you wasted your single, 3-second shot to grab my attention

Btw we are not talking about the product itself. The designers and presumably the engineers did what they needed to do by refreshing it and making it somewhat more contemporarily stylish without alienating anyone.

But the marketing guys just phoned it in.

Reminds me of a Corolla ad with a flash mob when that was still a thing. Talk about marketers not bothering to know anything about the product. It was literally the last car on earth that would inspire people to spontaneously break out into dance.

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Interior is def an upgrade from the current model, exterior eh, could have been better.

Ultimate iconic luxury if you’re a blind older person who hates foreign cars, and still thinks Chrysler, Lincoln, Cadillac, and mercury are in a luxury arms race.

and @jeisensc it’s Gerber puffs now, apparently eating baby food puffs is trendy? Allegedly because they ‘taste good’ and are ‘low calorie’.

Unfortunately, it looks like they updated it to 2016 standards. It already looks dated.

The BIG ASS Acura logo with a “Dynamic Mode” Love it!

Isn’t the point to reduce and declutter the steering wheel? Feels like they went through their parts bin and stuck everything on it that could fit.

I dont feel the front, I dont feel the back, I dont feel the side…
Interior tried to mimic the X7 kind off with those BW sound system like speakers and the short ambient lighting. Other than that nice that they are now offering massage seats. I dont think their Japanese counterparts offer those yet.

It looks nice enough. I’ll take the type S version with 350hp for MSRP $59,999 and 36 month/10k $498 per month plus ttt.

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I wonder how much they benchmarked the Telluride and Palisade. There has to be a reason to choice the MDX over those two besides dealership experience. Massaging seats at least stand out as something unique. I imagine the top trim will be about 20k more so they will need to deliver significant fit and finish benefits to justify the cost.

I did just look at current 0-60 times and the Telluride is about a second slower despite having nearly identical engines and weights and only one less gear. So that is an advantage of the MDX.

So any $299 deals on the 2020 MDX/old style 2021?

With driveoffs and registrations Yes.