New M340i xdrive lease

Just leased m340i xdrive
Msrp 59.5k
535 month including ny tax
2975 das no msds
Dealership paid last month $640 on my current lease

I thought this was an excellent deal, thoughts?

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Great deal! Especially with no msd’s. I’m about to pick one up in two weeks In SoCal!

What incentives did you apply ?

You’re basically paying $600/month factoring in the DAS and the $640 from the current lease. Pretty good deal, enjoy the car.

I had the loyalty and I believe cash incentive, 3K. Yes, agreed $600/month w/ $0 down.

Seemed great to me, have you seen better on the m340i rgao007?

Yes, I’ve seen a few better deals on here. Search “M340i signed” using the search button and you can take a look. You still did well overall.