New item in Infrastructure bill, Drunk detector

New bill has inside it (to require carmakers to include)

  • Drunk Driver behind the wheel technology
  • Crash detection
  • Passenger in Rear detector.

last 2 ok, first one…hmm that’s going to get a certain set of people pissed.


Would it be defeatable with a “cell phone holder”?

Who are these “certain” people? I’d love to see the arguments for why you should be allowed to drive when drunk.


Presumably, drunk people? :joy:

In reality though the bill doesn’t seem to be requiring it, just researching the technology over the next few years before coming up with a requirement.

If it turns out it’s feasible, why not have it as a requirement. Tired of seeing on the news that several people were killed because a car drove down the wrong side of the freeway.


I think the slippery slope argument comes into play, why not have the car report any time you speed too then automatically deduct the fine from your bank account, or any traffic violation. Maybe the drunk detector just automatically reports the DUI and suspends your license


Ask and you shall receive: Irish County Votes to Let Some Drive Drunker - ABC News (

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Leave it to the Irish

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How would it know if you aren’t just tired or otherwise distracted?

Sounds to me like a way to get around that whole probable cause thing for officer contacts (which would fit into the increasingly authoritarian kick)

On that note:

Don’t turn around, Der Komissar’s in town :smirk:


The newly mandatory Apple watch with a drivers license app will be your only means of starting the car. The way the watch attaches to you is with a permanent port in your arm (think chemo ports). If BAC is above legal limit, no car. If you haven’t walked enough today, no car for you. If you haven’t slept enough, no car for you. But as a consolation prize it will request a now only functional livery fleet vehicles from a Tesla murder fleet ™ of autonomous taxis, which are not really autonomous, but are driven by remote from 3rd world country by people who are stacked in a warehouse, fed nothing but beyond burger food substitutes and plugged directly into neural link which makes them think they are actually living in paradise.


They better include one for pot as well. The amount of people that smoke while in their car is unbelievable and done so openly. I can’t believe it.


It will be interesting to see what type of solution, if any, they come up with. Driving facing cameras? Doubtful something like that would be implemented.

Driver facing cameras already are being implemented on many cars. Seems like it’d be an easy jump from the general “not paying attention” current use.

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Yea I was thinking something more scientific than a ‘distracted driver’ camera. I’m all for exploring options, thousands of people a year are killed by drunk drivers. I just hope that if they do implement something it’s not too absurd of a product.

There’s always the good old ignition interlock breathalyzer


Agreed with the slippery slope / overreach aspect. Where do you draw the line between public safety and privacy is the question… If it’s a measure that is only there to stop illegal activity and is otherwise non invasive, is it acceptable?

any time you speed to then automatically deduct the fine from your bank account, or any traffic violation

Maybe the drunk detector just automatically reports the DUI and suspends your license

I understand you’re trying to make the slippery slope argument, but there’s a big difference between a device that detects BAC levels to prevent impaired driving and circumventing the entire judicial system.

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How about cell phone user detector technology


Tesla interior cam supposedly does this.

It’s presumably going to recommend things like current ignition interlock devices. If it detects a driver is impaired it won’t start or continue to run. Or it could be something similar to what Volvo was testing with in car cameras that can detect when drivers are distracted and warn them.

Seems like a pretty big leap to go from researching ways to prevent drunk driving with technology, some of which has been around and implemented for years, to having money taken out of your bank account for speeding with no due process.


So now the whole country has to blow into a tube every time they get in a car ? Lucky us

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Look on the bright side. You saved $.16 on your July 4th cookout.

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