New Fisker Sub-40k Electric SUV

We’ll see what actually happens, but sounds solid imo.


Mmmhmm. “$40K” - sure. Okay. We’ll see.

Although I’m surprised at how slow e-SUVs have been to roll out. I’m looking forward to some more mainstream models (like RAV4 & CRV) being available as PHEV’s. It seems like a natural step forward. People might want to try out the EV way, but still have a family & stuff & don’t want to think about range - a PHEV SUV makes perfect sense. We already know the plain old RAV4 hybrid is in huge demand and I imagine a PHEV would add to that.

So far it’s just been the Mitsubishi (who?) Outlander and of course the luxury SUV’s which are expensive.


I don’t even think the Cross will be under $40k. If VW can’t do it how will Fisker do it?

Hasn’t Fisker died and been reincarnated like 5 times now?


pretty much, i call bullshit

The vehicle is scheduled to go into production by the end of 2021, with the first high-volume deliveries slated to happen sometime in 2022.

So they are announcing in 2mos, but car won’t be shipping until 2022? WTF, who’s sitting around waiting almost 2yrs when others options will be readily available?

Tesla does this all the time


Tesla is small but proven company with continues presence, nationwide charging and service support.

Problem is $40k car buyer. Are they willing to throw $40k at Fisker? Thats a big gamble. An offering like this from Toyota would do well.

Not that I don’t believe Fisker won’t fold yet again, but Tesla was a small, unproven company at one time, and then everyone in California wanted one. In theory, the same could happen with this car as well.

Do I believe it will…no. But, the argument doesn’t really hold water.

back then they sold Roadster a niche car. Then came model S a $100k car.

$100k car buyer is completely different from $40k buyer.

By the time Tesla started offering Model 3 they had a dealer network, charging network and mobile service network. (all still lacking and struggle to keep up with volume).



Here, with interest…now go buy yourself something nice!


Was that from the prince? I get emails from him all the time. He promised to send me some after I wired him 25,000 for customs payments. It should be here any day now! I already announced my retirement.


I was on my way to retirement too with this price deal…until i got some devastating news that my social security number was blocked and i had to pay all the prince money to unlock it.


If I had the money I’d take the Porsche Taycan anyday. Has style and is super fast. More powerful batteries as well. Telsa is all hype and looks like many other vehicles on the road.

You’re right…i think i read somewhere that they are using AAA instead of AA.


For some strange reason, there are not a lot of investors that want to throw $530,000 in on top of what you pay for the car, on every unit sold. :man_shrugging:t2:

HF is a brilliant kook imho.

Agreed! When you invest you should get your money back the day before…not wait for years and grow the company…it’s bs, i tell you!

More nonsense from you. Wake me up when you want to have a serious discussion and not caterwaul like a teenager. :sleeping:

I’m all for investment in incubating new markets: mid-2000s Fisker v1.0 was a joke without a viable plan (as it happened, not retrospectively) or professional management who knew how to pull it off.

I’ve had multiple clients $100M+/yr that were profitable at acquisition but needed investment (debt finance or tapped incumbent LOC) or economies of scope/scale to grow to $1B+, and pulled it off. They had a solid business, understood their market, and had professional management to pull it off. They knew what they needed to succeed and how to make it happen within their constraints. Fisker v1.0 played business with other’s money until they ran out it cash.

I bet none was in the electric car biz. We are talking about uncharted territory here, you can’t have a solid biz model because there is no model to be followed. We’ve seen this play out in other fields in the past years…very few make it and they all use “other’s money”. Did AMZN had a solid biz model? Your $530k remark is plain ignorant. Every car manufacturer startup will go through cash burn when building up their biz…there is no way you won’t sell at a loss in the first decade. Will Fisker make it? Don’t know, neither do you…my money is on not. But hey, if you wanna stay asleep do that.