New Cars for Sale - Leads from LHers!


2023 Mercedes EQS 450+ RWD loaner w/8K miles

$815 a month, zero down, first month due
24 months @ 10K miles
$717 a month, full MSDs($8500) +first month due($717)
24 months @ 10K miles

comes w/ free Mercedes Wall Box Level 2 Charger
and free 2 years Electrify America charging
this deal is for Texas only as dealer added tax credits.

2 cars available, black on black and white on beige.
DM me your details and I will connect you with dealer.

Please don’t message me unless you are READY TO SIGN, details are very clear.


New Golf R under MSRP. Fyi the car does not have 300 miles. New facebook rule, cant list “new” cars and 300 is the lowest mileage they allow you to post.


Was shopping for an eqe suv and had found a dealer that was doing 715+tax with 4500 das for 24/7.5 this was before the fleet incentive. DM for dealer info, I decided to go for another car instead. Location is norcal.

MA Only

I know this EV brand is not hacker-worthy, but here it goes:

$1k off in-stock 2023 Lucid Pure
Available colors: Red, Blue, White

DM for contact info of the sales associate

4 Likes has fairly good deals now.




2023 EQE 350 4MATC SEDAN

$390/m plus tax, $500 + $5k MSDs DAS

24mo/7.5k, must have fleet (amex, penfed, corporate)


Anyone wants to see if our old buddy Greg Poland can get you an exception (if needed?) on this 540i with 18,573 mi? Sports package, $47K. MSRP $66720. Warranty runs out 01/06/27.


Eqs 450+Sedan demo with around 5k miles. 686 tax included 0 DAS for 24/12 no MSD. Located in Florida . Message for salesperson contact.
MSRP 114500 close to 22% off before 18500 incentive MF is mark up and high doc fee.


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2023 BMW 330i loaner 36/7.5k. 459/m 3.5k DAS this is with 10.25% tax. Another car I was shopping for but passed on, pretty nice spec with msport and premium pkg. Located in norcal DM for dealer info.

24 Range Rover P400 SWB
Set to arrive in April
Can go nationwide


If anyone wants to try Rodo. NY state $2k clean rebate included.

UPDATE 2/27/24


2023 Nissan Ariya. 2 Black.
February Edition

Pick up - Westchester NY area

2023 Nissan Ariya Platinum trim
$63,7xx MSRP
~ 10% dealer discount

NY registration with With NO Loyalty included.
$900 DAS plus DMV.

NJ registration. No sales tax. NO Loyalty included.
$850 DAS plus DMV.

for the above deals NO Loyalty Included

2023 MB S580
~$1355/month + tax, $2500 DAS
Includes Amex

This is about 25% off sticker. I passed on the deal because I found a more favorable car elsewhere. Not sure if it’s still available but it’s honestly a great deal for this car.

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2023 Mercedes EQE500 4MATIC loaner (sedan)
92k MSRP
Fleet + lease cash

699/mo, first + 10 MSDs at signing (assumes ~7% tax rate, can adjust accordingly depending on your state)

PM me for additional details

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I might have a S580e for $2500 DAS for about $1400 monthly (147K MSRP).

I am not going to bite on it as I need to start saving for my 911 instead of these M-lites and AMG wanna bes. Thanks @holeydonut for knocking some sense into me


Would the payment be sub $600?

If anyone seriously interested.
Westchester county, NY Dealer
NY 8.625% tax included.

2023 MB EQE SUV 4matic, loaner, 3.5k miles
White/ neva grey
Electrify America account not activated.

24/10 . $80k sticker. One pay $15k. All in.

~17.5 % off preincentives. $625/m effective. Amex/sams club included.
No more room for deeper discount.
DM me if seriously interested.
Must be picked up by end of Thursday.
Actual pictures


Save it for the 911 :joy:

What color? How long of a term?