New Cars for Sale - Leads from LHers!

I got leads for MSRP Honda Civc in the greater la area. I went through about 20 dealerships before finding this internet manager.


santa monica ca hyundai offering 3k off all santa fe’s, and 2k off tuscons
ends 5/30 - super easy process no haggling with add. “add ons”

FYI here’s a 2022 740ix loaner in IL with ~8K miles. Fairly well equipped w/ premium & exec package, drivers assistance pro & front massage seats.
$101K MSRP listed at ~$70K, which I believe includes the $3K loyalty rebate. Pretty decent starting point with 27.9% off pre-incentive…

Began to kick the tires for a friend. They were firm on price, and initially quoted a MF of .00235 (believe max markup right now is .00215…). Haven’t worked with this dealer before so not sure what was going on there.
Didn’t press much further after that as the friend wasn’t too interested, but wanted to share in case someone’s looking and can take advantage of end of month to get a lower MF/discount/MSDs to sweeten the deal further.
Happy hunting.


Anyone in the Indianapolis area looking for a Ram 1500 let me know, I’ve got a dealer doing 10%+ discount lease on Big Horns and Laramies before rebates without affiliate code.


Quick update: these guys must want that 740ix gone…

After I walked away, they came back and took an additional $3K off for a selling price of ~$67K (including $3K loyalty)…that’s 33.9% off, or 30.9% pre-incentive.

Plus I think you could stack with $1K college grad as well. MSDs not discussed but presume they could do them as an IL dealer.

Pretty, pretty, pretty good!


One of my Defender dealers can get aggressive to sell two more copies by end of month (90, 110, 130). Likely about 4% off (depends on trim and build), has to be a May deal.

Leases are atrocious but they will do 20bps markup on Chase lease or finance. Cash deals OK too (suggest BofA if you want to finance-this store is in BofA network so it’s quick and easy). They can also write an Ally lease but please don’t do this.

NY doc fee and only add on is etch for 200.

PM me if of interest. Preference for NY clients.

EDIT: No longer available.


Had shared earlier in the Hackrs lounge, but Mitch is doing 6% off invoice with affiliate on almost anything in-stock at not only his dealer but also from Ourisman at Bowie, Baltimore and 40/Edgewood. Scat Packs are seemingly the only exception (though if a TRX or something like that pops up I’d doubt that too… the trading dealer can say no).

Without affiliate it probably makes sense to look elsewhere. MF markup of half of what’s allowed so makes more sense if you’re flipping. Low Doc fee of $500. Decent number of 4xes, no base 22 GC but definitely some higher 22 trims that you might even be able to push them to do more than 6% if you’re ready to deal and they’re on his lot.

Happy to intro you or you can email


2023 Brooklyn Grey M3 Xdrive at MSRP 2023 Brooklyn Grey M3 Xdrive at MSRP


Got the quote below for 2023 C40 Ultimate. Test drove it and decided to pass it. But still a good number for anyone who is interested in the car. Message me if you need the dealer info and leasing quote.

MSRP: $62240
Monthly: $453 with first month due only.
All taxes and fees included.
36 mons, 10k miles


11.5% off MSRP pre incentives. Texas

From WCC:

2023 AMG GLE63 Coupe - $10,000 off MSRP!
Brand new Edition 55 GLE63 Coupe. Built to celebrate 55 years of AMG, this one has options you can’t equip on a regular Coupé. (53 is available also.) Obsidian Black/Classic Red. Matte carbon fiber trim, side decals, gunmetal finish wheels with edition badging, alcantara steering wheel with badging, etc. Very nicely optioned truck! Build sheet in photos.

Miles: delivery
MSRP: $163,055
WCC: $153,055 (plus DH and applicable taxes)


Another 7 Series loaner, this time a RWD 740i in white/black located in TN. Relatively high miles (12.3K), not an xDrive, and not particularly loaded (does include premium, DA pro, and massage seats), but all caveats aside there’s a juicy discount listed online:

MSRP: $97,755
Online Price: $63,925 (34.6% off)

No idea if this includes the $3K loyalty on 7-series, but if it doesn’t, that’s another 3% off :slight_smile:

Sample calc with additional Loyalty, base MF, and dealer fees added (guessing on tag). $570/month.

Someone jump on it before EOM tomorrow!


Edited: Looks like the dealer won’t play ball on leasing this loaner :frowning:

And another 2022 740i listed at 40% off in Austin TX. Gray/Cognac, premium package, exec package, DA pro & luxury rear seating package:

13.7K miles (brings residual down by ~4%), but still could be hackable.

MSRP looks to be just over $100K…window sticker wasn’t on the site, but found a copy elsewhere: windowsticker.pdf (157.7 KB)


Friendly Ford(upstate NY) has a few F150 Raptors at MSRP.
based on my interaction with them, you probably get some discount if push hard enough on the aged unit

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Which location?

in IL? %DEALER_NAME% - New & Used Cars, Auto RepairShop in %CITY%, %STATE%

Upstate NY, near Rochester. Updated the original post… didn’t know there are dealers with same name in other states…

There are three Friendly Ford stores in Upstate NY.

I think there are two instead of 3? both of them have Raptors so I’m not sure what your question is about?