(Need your opinion) 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2.0T SE


Good morning,

Can you guys help if me this is ok to finanace?
I want to take a deal if this seems fair.

$34611+ tax and fees for 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2.0T SE.

What exactly are you looking to hear?

I want to know if I am getting a right price for the vehicle since I am really not good at purchasing vehicles.



Do you have a lease deal offer from a dealer? We can help you if you have an offer.

Thank you! I will go forward to get this one.

I dont have any lease deal due to my credit. So I am just going to purchase this time.

Maybe getting another one end of this year or early next year.

What is the MSRP? Also, reach out to @rubbergash if in CA.

MSRP is $37,285

There’s a lot to unpack here, what incentives do you qualify for?

I don’t know… Let me ask.

You should be able to find this out online so that you can compare it to what the dealer offers.

Only seeing Advertised Price $35,891 after dealer discount.

3.7% discount before incentives. I am sure there is more.

What rate are you getting due to credit of you can’t qualify for lease?
To finance $35k car with high APR is a painful experience.

11.4… Rebuilding now so hopfully to refi end of this year or next year…

Sorry to ask obvious question but do you HAVE to have $35k with 11% rate?

I know it’s derailing the original question but $35k car isn’t helpful to rebuild credit faster IMHO.

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True. However, I am financing less than half of the price with 15-20k down.

But do you need a brand new $35k car until you improve your financial situation? Regardless of the amount you are financing with the loan shark rates?

I understand it’s your money but I would not plunk so much real car in a car and finance the other half.
I personally think you should keep as much of that cash as you can, find a few year old car for tops $20k and finance that.

In the event of an accident and “total loss” by insurance all your down payment money are gone. I would not take that risk.

For that matter. Take a 3-5 year old car, finance it, pay for 3 years and get something else when your credit improves.

Don’t get into high balance financing at such high rate barely out of bad financial situation you have been.