Need some help with insurance

I suggest going to a good insurance broker. They will shop around for you, knowing companies you never heard of. I also suggest seeing if your parents can cover you on their policy.

It’s been a few years since I tried to beat my broker’s prices. I could not even find someone who would cover our rural home. As for car pricing, I found one slightly lower quote from a less reputable insurance company. Not worth switching.

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Yes that was for an independent policy just me.
I quoted through mercury, but it led to an external insurance agent.

I’m currently on a family policy that has 3 cars for $200 monthly full liability and good protection, so it’s a large difference in price - wawanesa

Does anyone know of insurance companies that take abroad driving experience?
The only one that did was Progressive hence the lower price they gave me than all others.

I have gieco on a 2018 g80 sport at 220 a month, 22 year old male livin in socal 1 ticket but did traffic school. from my research gieco gives the cheapest monthly for young drivers.

Got about 7-8 quotes from various companies (SoCal) and Geico gave me the cheapest rate at about ~$635 every 6 months after State Farm on my dad’s plan quoted ~$850.

2017 volt
29 male, single

Seconding Geico if you’re a young Genesis owner (in your 20s). They were significantly cheaper (I’m talking hundreds a month) than the next cheapest option, and I quoted with about 20 different insurance agencies. The only downside with Geico is they bump your premium 10% on renewal every year.

Alright, so a quick update.
Most likely I will not be able to take the lease of the Lexus IS200t for 300 (incl tax $0 down), because of this insurance issue.
Long story short, i’m 22 years old, a US citizen but grew up in another country up to 6 months ago. Got my license at 17 in a different country, and my US one only 4 months ago. So all my quotes are based off of the US license.

The cheap quotes I got were around the 2K range for 6 months, and these are with no comprehensive collision, which means they are not going to be accepted by any car maker for a lease.
If I want a normal coverage thats going to be accepted by a car company I am looking at a minimum of 500-600$ a month just for insurance.

Despite the great deal I was able to get at Lexus, this wont be possible if I have to pay twice the car payment in insurance every month.

I’m going to have to buy a beatup car and drive it to the ground with minimal insurance until I establish myself in the states…

Sorry to hear that. Sounds awful. But you can probably buy a decently priced used sedan
. Just start asking insurance companies quotes.

I had a similar situation to you. Did my whole life overseas til university, and didn’t get licensed until graduation, when I was about your age.

My first car was a used Elantra and I paid about $120/mo. So it doesn’t surprise me that you’re getting gouged for the Lexus. I think after you hit the 1-year mark your premiums will go down a pretty fair amount. You may have better luck if you’re on someone else’s policy, but then of course there’s inherent risk in riding on their policy since if you got in a wreck, the other party could go after them.

I’d try talking to some local insurers to see if you can work out something a little better. A small licensed shop might be able to give you something in the $200s for minimum required coverages (ie $1k deductible, 100/300 coverages)

You are getting hit on 2 different areas. The first is your not currently insured (yes, this makes a big difference). Your also young – the combination is not an attractive risk to any insurance company. On top of that you want to cover a sporty premium sedan.

As an insurance agent I would recommend doing 1 of 2 things to get yourself in a better position in 6 months to a year:

#1 buy a beater car that just needs liability. Once you establish yourself you can change companies and get a better rate now that you have an insurance history.

#2 get a non owner policy-- even if you do not have a vehicle you can get a policy. This will establish your insurance history.

Another thought is to get a vehicle that insures better. Think of cars that older people drive-- they tend to insure better. Even going to an ES from the IS will create a better rate for you.

That is horrible, I was quoted less than that for an s600 maybach I was working on hacking the lease on, that is with a multi car policy and combined homeowners insurance discount though. I agree with some of the others, get with a reputable broker that is local and they will do their best to help you out. Maybe you can also work on leasing a Chevy cruze or Honda civic instead for your new car, save on payment and on insurance while still having a nice, new car until you get some good driving history established.

Maybe something sexy like this:

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Looks like I’m going to have to switch forums from leasehackr to :astonished:

Down here when someone with the general hits your car your insurance fixes your car and tells you that your basically screwed on your deductible and prob won’t get it back. They always have something going on to not pay.

I was wondering the same thing. My son is going to college this year out of state. Can he take his car change registration and still stay on my insurance?

If he’s going to college out of state, but living at home during the summer etc, there’s no need to re-register the car in the other state.

Both of my kids went to school outside of NJ, one in VA the other in MD, and other drove their cars w/ NJ tags / reg w/ no issues.

My son moved to FLA for a job, and wanted to register his car in-state, so he did, but still keeps out insurance. Just check w/ your company, but as long as they write policy in the other state(s) there should never be an issue w/ tags / reg and keeping your policy insurance.

Oh ok. Thanks. I ll check with that.

Did you keep your original rate or did it go up when your son moved to florida?

Considering florida insurances are pretty high.