Need some help with insurance

Hey guys,

I’m about to sign a lease on Monday, and i’m having some issues with insurance.
Long story short, i’m 22 years old and I live alone. I don’t have any credit yet, I do have a co-signer from my family that will help me get the car, i’m just not sure what to do with the insurance.

I checked how much it will be to get my own policy for a lease insurance, it will be very high like over 400 dollars a month because of my age and it being my own policy. Does that make sense?

What other options do I have here? I have family members that have their own insurance policies.

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Solicit quotes from multiple insurers, make sure you’re not paying for extras like rental reimbursement and roadside assistance.

Just got a quote of 650 a month from the biggest company in FL. This is unrealistic

unfortunately you’re a young man and young men tend to do lots of really dumb things in/with cars that make insurance companies have to pay out lots of benefits. Even if you are not the type of young man to do lots of dumb stuff you have to pay the price for the fact that many of your peers are.

Have you thought of just buying a cheap used car and waiting a couple of years?

Wow that is crazy per month. Most pay less than that for 6 months… Try online auto insurance. The general or e suranse

I did… Can’t believe this is what’s going to make me buy a cheap old used car instead of saving money+driving a nice new car

Most lease agreements require a higher amount of insurance to begin with versus a purchase agreement. Your age as mentioned already along with being a male also has a large negative effect on your costs. The type of vehicle is also a big factor when being quoted for insurance. What are you trying to lease?

Just checked my policy and the annual cost of the Roadside Assistance with towing is only $2.16 ! The Rental Reimbursement which provides $50.00 a day up to a total of $1500.00 is $16.66 annually. I don’t think those would have too much to do with your high quotes if they were included in your policy.

Trying to lease an is200t
Can anyone who has an is200t thats a lease confirm how much he pays per month for insurance?

You try progressive yet?

What is progressive? Never heard of it

lol Flo the insurance lady? You have never heard of progressive auto insurance?

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I’m paying 1100 per 6 months for full coverage on a 2013 mkz hybrid at the moment with State Farm. Progressive wants $3100 every 6 months. I don’t know how anyone can say progressive is affordable.

I’m 31 with no tickets or wreaks in over 8 years.

For me progressive give me the best quote when you don’t have a driving history, after a six months or 1 year you probably get a better price somewhere else.

Also remove all the extra added, and ask the dealer the minimum requirement that you need to have example you can increase to 1000 the deductible and this will reduce the price, but first contact the dealer so he can let you know what are the minimum requirements needed. So with that you can play with the quote and get a better price.

Some recommendations from insurance companies are get another car pay in cash and get the required by law insurance after 6 months, you can get a better price or qualify for more insurance companies. I don’t like this recommendation but it will be an option but first try get an online quote with progressive and geico. For me geico get higher price.

I think it is time for Affordable Car Insurance Act. Maybe you can be added to a family members insurance?

You guys want to have a laugh?
Called state farm, they quoted me for 1050 dollars a month for insurance.

Ok maybe Florida is really weird. I’m in California and drive a 2016 A4 and “only” pay about $3k per year for 300/300/300 insurance with 500 deductible. I’m on Geico. I think there’s something weird going on.

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What was your progressive quote? You can do it online.

Got a 370 a month progressive quote.
Finally something reasonable.
What do you think about it?

Still high but reasonable. You get an extra discount if you pay in full. So that might reduce another 20 or 30 by month.