Need some help with insurance

Did you try the general or esuranse. Online auto insurance like I suggested?

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I called them and got a quote on the phone.
What’s ensurance or online?

Tried to get a quote online got to the same amount

Are you using the minimum figures of coverage required by the dealership? Also check deductible amounts and good luck. It’s difficult to get a “good” price at that age.

what you can do is get the insurance with the Cosigner since they are on the loan of the car, and Cosigning. age 25 is when the rates drop.

Single, Male and under 25, is the worst category for insurance, even for clean driver records.

My son is 23 and just moved to FL, he wanted to buy his own insurance, but he was looking at $4500/yr for a 2007 Corolla, even w/ discounts for Safe Driver, Top Tier credit, and good grade B+ or better.

We kept him on our policy, since it was $800/yr vs. what the insurance companies wanted for him direct.

Once he turns 25 he will re-visit his own policy, but for now he just pays us back.

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Esuranse is an online only automobile insurance company.

So is the general.

If you don’t drive a lot you can try they use a tracker to track how many miles you drive and only charge you for the miles you drive. If you drive less than 10,000 miles per year it’ll probably save you a lot. I have them on both my cars and saved about 40% on my insurance for each.

That’s close to what I pay for my entire 6 month policy with Progressive. However, I’m not in Florida and I’m not under 25.

I shopped around for car insurance a few months ago, and I found the best way to do it was just to get online quotes for the same policy with different insurers. When I couldn’t think of any more to try, I just started googling car insurance companies. I put everything into a spreadsheet (coverage, cost, deductibles, etc) and used that to help me keep track of everything.

Keep trying.

Have you ever seen Florida drivers lolol everything is fucked up down there. It’s like a rat race weaving between senile old grandmas. If you don’t have a mercedes or a luxury car, noone gives you respect and you won’t even be able to merge.

When I visit family down there, I joke that it’s the place where the worst drivers from all over the east coast come for a vacation.

I just asked the sales guy what’s the insurance requirements for Lexus, he said 10/20/10. Does that make sense or is he bullshitting me to get me to sign the deal?

10/20/10? Wtf does that even mean. I think on my lease paperwork it says comprehensive 100/50 with $1000 deductibles but I’m at work so I can’t look it up.

I can confirm with lexus its 10/20/10 its different than most financial company requires for lease

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Don’t stop until you’ve solicited quotes from Geico, The General, State Farm, Nationwide, Progressive, Esurance, Farmers, USAA, AAA, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Mercury, and every local option with a quick Google search. I can’t imagine you won’t be able to find something under $300/mo even as a young bloke.

Toyota and lexus you can do 25/50 bodily and 50k property damage, well that was few months ago not sure now if you still can

Not to sound like a grumpy old man, but here it goes…, :older_man:we’ll sonny, maybe it’s a good thing you can’t afford such a car. If I had a new Lexus at 22 I’d probably be dead. Thank goodness for that used Pontiac T1000 that I ended up with. :tv:Oh, is Matlock on, gotta go, good luck!


You must provide the following insurance during the lease term with the lessee and or co lessee as an insured driver. No other types of insurance are required and no Required Insurance is provided by us in this lease.

15,000 5,000 30,000 maximum deductible 1000

I’m 26 and it’s $240 monthly for jaguar f type

Which company? Your own policy?