NEED HELP! Negotiating 2021 Tahoe Lease- Texas

REVISED: Here’s the latest numbers for a lease in Texas with 2021 Tahoe with 36 month term- your feedback is appreciated!
2021 Tahoe
Annual Mileage:10k
MSRP: 55,890
Net Selling: 54k
Dealer Discount: $1890
Net Cap: $55,240
Lease Cash: $0
Down Payment: $0
Other Incentives: $500
Ancillary/Other (tag title and tax): $1045
Residual: 62%
Residual: $34,652
Acq Fee: $695
Waived Security Deposit
Tax Credit at 1.25
Money Factor: .00151
Monthly Payment $707.63

Lease in Texas. Hey guys, my first time posting and have been trying to research the ins and outs of negotiating a lease for a 2021 Tahoe.

What do you guys think? Any areas I can improve? Again, first time, so all advice will be helpful for me.
Mileage 10k
MSRP 55,890
Net Selling: 54,500
Dealer Discount: $1390
Net Cap 55,745
Lease Cash $0
Downpayment $0
Net Trade $0
Other Incentives: $500
Ancillary/Other: $1050
Mileage at inception: 0
Residual: $29,622
Acq Fee: $695
Security Deposit: Waived
DAS: 691.07
Payment w/o Taxes: 691.07

In texas, its important to ask for tax credits. It reduces your tax rate from 6.25 to 1.25. They charge all of the tax on the purchase price, and add it to your payment.

Some dealers pretend they dont have them, or dont know what they are. Ask them to talk directly to a GM, or Finance Manager.

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Awesome! Thank you!

What exactly should I say and what amount should I aim for?

Thank you so much!

*correction: $691 is the payment with taxes

Doing simple back of the napkin math, I see you saving about $58 a month, by calculating taxes on 55k at a rate of 1.25% vs. 6.25%

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Divided by a term of 48 months.

What bank are they using?

Captives are usually 1.0% and USBank is 1.25% and Ally is 1.5% for the tax credit

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You definitely do not want to be driving for a year out of warranty on one of GM’s just-introduced platforms


Have you tried 36mo terms? I had a hunch that GM may have added a steeper depreciation for the 4th year and you are paying a lot interest too which offsets the extra year of ironing tax out. Check edmunds for RV and MF
However anyway you slice it, it’s bound to be an expensive lease given it’s new and hot without much discount and incentives. Let’s see if there are Chevy experts chiming in about attainable dealer discount.
Always try to get a 2nd choice, don’t get attached to a car unless it’s truly exceptional

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Will see the numbers with 36 months term- makes sense to not want to be out of warranty on that car. Will update when I get it sorted with this term!
Thanks again!

Okay, will check it out! Thank you!

I should also say I have a BMW X3 2019- leased with 9k miles with a total payoff of 32,815.5, that I will need them to take as a trade. I know it is not an ideal situation- but we have outgrown it- any advice on this situation too, would be so helpful!

Get buy out quotes from carvana/shift/vroom/algo/Rodo/givemethevin/etc to see what your trade is actually worth. Don’t mention it until you have an agreed on deal on the new vehicle and then see if they can beat the price from the 3rd party companies

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must be registered as a dealer to solicit business on this site

Thanks Chris! The vin is 1GNSCNKD8MR262158 and they are using GM Financial.

Thanks! What is RV and MF?

Residual and money factor. You need got thru the lease 101 thread and do more homework


I helped another member out working their deal up recently on something similar. Shoot me a PM and I can take a closer look at this for you to work with. :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. You need a better discount from the dealer, should be at least $2500 - $3500 off sticker. Try to get a supplier control number if you can as it will help negotiations along.

  2. Do not do any deal not knowing the money factor… would you buy a car not knowing your interest rate? Most dealers I talked to here in TX we’re trying to double the MF over base.

GL :+1: