Need Advice on This Deal Volvo XC90

Hi Everyone,

I am loving this site and it has been super helpful for me. I am looking at Volvo XC90s and this is the original deal I was given (in San Diego, CA):

2019 XC90 T6 Momentum, “Crystal White Metallic” w/ Amber Leather
*** Advanced Package
*** Metallic Paint
*** Integrated Center Booster Seat
*** Protection Package Premier
*** 21" 5-V Spoke Alloys
*** Grocery Bag Holder
*** Red Key

MSRP: $62,580.-
Sale Price: $58,436.-
Rebate: $716.41; (Volvo makes your first payment for you!)
Term: 39 mos.
Miles: 15K/yr.
Residual: 56% ($35,044.80)
DMV: $ 641.-
Customer $: $ 5,000.-
Base Pymt: $ 664.88 + Sales Tax (7.75%) $51.53 = $716.41 Total Pymt.

I thought this was insanely high, especially considering I am putting down $5k. I asked if the price could go down at all and what it would look like at 12k/year: The salesperson responded with:

“I just talked to the powers-that-be and the best payment I can get the original quote to is $651.93 + tax + $702.45. Now if we drop that quote to 12K a year, the payment is approx. $682.- including tax.”

And in another email, the salesperson said this:

I will check and see if Volvo has added any more discounts or incentives but right now, on the original quote, I am losing $501. and on the new quote, I am down $656.-. "

What are your thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.


p.s. The LHr score is low- to mid- 7s.

That’s really high. If nobody in SD will play ball you have a few dealers in LA that I’m sure will make it worth your while to come up here.

I will not comment on anything, but check out 24 (or even 30) months. RV is 9% higher on 24 vs. 36/39.

Terrible offer. Try Escondido or Carlsbad- they should be more competitive. A 30 month lease at 62% residual should keep you away from the $800-900 40K service.

This offer is from one of those two that you mentioned.

The sale price is high. Should be able to get more off of that.

Once you’ve done that, the rest of the numbers aren’t stellar either.

Just wanted to say thank you for the responses!

@Thuglas - what did you wind up doing?

On a side note- How does Volvo Loyalty work? This is the language:

“The Loyalty Bonus is available on select Volvo models and can vary whether vehicle is leased or purchased. Customer eligibility requirements must be met for the Loyalty Bonus offer. Residency restrictions apply. Please see dealer for details. Individuals who currently own/lease any model year Volvo or Saab vehicle OR have owned/leased within the last 6 months are eligible. Offer open only to legal U.S. residents who have a valid U.S. driver’s license. Offer is not transferable and cannot be combined with Conquest offer. Vehicles purchased outside of the program dates will not be eligible for this offer. Offer cannot be used towards the payment of sales tax. This offer is subject to federal, state and local taxes. Offer cannot be applied to lease or purchase of any other model year Volvo or vehicles purchased as used and/or Overseas Delivery (VCIC) program sales.”

I think it is poorly written in that the 2nd part of the bolded sentence makes it sound like you own and lease ANY car within the last 6 months- Clearly not the case, right?

Also- how can I tell if Volvo is offering to make the first payment?


Ask your dealer. There is no reason for them not to give it to you if available.

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@Shaggee - you will qualify for loyalty if anyone in your household has had a Volvo or SAAB within the last 6 months, too. It’s $500 on leases, $1,000 on purchases. Not allowed in combination of the pull ahead program unless specifically allowed.

Got it- Thanks to both of you!

I hired a car concierge service. Well, I put down a $200 non-refundable deposit and they’re giving me the offer(s) they found tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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A dealer emailed me yesterday and told me they are offering discount of $7.6k off any 2019 XC90 Momentum. Pricing one with advanced package and heat seats/steering wheel, I got MSRP of $60,590 on the dealer’s website. Anyone can comment whether this is a good deal (that would be 12.5% off MSRP) or should I be able to ask for more even more off MSRP? I don’t qualify for loyalty.

Make sure they don’t include incentives & loyalty in this discount (I bet they do) :slight_smile:

WI think that’s a great discount. Don’t be surprised if they won’t do that on a lease- the $1,750 incentive is just on purchases. Even if the discount is $1,750 less, it’s still a good price on a lease.

Edit- I was assuming CA. Incentives depend on where you are and can differ from lease to purchase.

I had inquired if the discount was on both lease and purchases when I got the email - he said it is on purchases since lease program is different but said the discount would be comparable. I looked at the XC90 early Nov and didn’t think about it since they were only offering $1.5k off but now that I got this email, it has certainly got my attention! So if this is a legit discount for a lease/purchase, that would be considered a great discount(meaning I should not expect them to be able to go even lower)? I have not been following where the XC90 is at right now so I wanted to get a benchmark. Of course I will need to check what they do on the RV, MF etc but sounds like this may be a promising opening discussion? I can’t do MSD in my state(NY) so I know that will not work for me.

Check in FAQ to find out the incentives

There is only $750 in NE on both T5 and T6 MOM. If you go to MD, you can pretty easily get ~$9,000 off (10% off + $3,000 incentives) AND they may do MSDs (don’t know how Volvo works with NY)
Right, @okboye? :grin:

Yeah. just got two guys from here $8,836 and $8,800 off MSRP