Need Advice on This Deal Volvo XC90

Dealer got back to me - you guys were right - he made a “mistake” and the discount on the lease is lower by $1,500, so $6.1k discount from MSRP on a lease. Is it still worth pursuing? I am not able to go to MD.

See if you can make a deal with @okboye and ship it? Probably better than fighting with your NY dealer and still pay $70/mo more even with the same ~10% discount off MSRP. I know that quite a few folks from LH came to MD (not just to Ola) from PA/NJ for XC90 deals

I’m from NY and recently got an XC90 from MD. Rode the bus from Port Authority for about $25 (which took about 4 hours), got the car and drove it back. I was able to use MSD’s too with no issues.

Slightly off topic since this is a lease forum but would the 12.5% off MSRP on a purchase considered to be a good deal in any case, or would that be somewhat easy to get? Just trying to gauge if it’s worth looking into purchasing instead of leasing because none of the other dealers around me are close to that discount unless this dealer is making another “mistake” if I tell him I want to purchase instead.

You need to understand that dealer discount is the same on lease and purchase, incentives may be different. You are not getting 12.5% dealer discount - you are getting 12.5% total discount on purchase.

Ok but I am not sure I understand the relevance of that difference ? In evaluating a deal, should I just not care about just the bottom line? ie x% off MSRP ? Unless you are saying there are further incentives to apply after that? In which case isn’t it just simpler to aggregate all the discounts to see what the final amount off MSRP is ? I guess sometimes some finance companies pay off 1st month etc. is that what the incentive you at referring to?

You don’t know what the bottom line should be without baseline (i.e. dealer discount). For example - if a dealer offers you $10K off on V90CC it may seem like a great deal, when if fact he only gives you ~5.5% off with the rest being $6,750 Volvo allowance on purchase. So, in fact your bottom line should be $12,750 total off on a $60K MSRP.