My new wagon obsession (2019 Volvo V60)


Praying to the Volvo gods that this will be a sub $300 lease in less than 2 years once my BMW wagon lease is up. Or that Volvo does some serious conquest deals.

Can’t wait to see it in the R-Design spec or Polestar in the future.


Wow, cool! But where is S60? I thought 2019 S60 would be new redesign first from SC. I hope I can get either one of these by June 2019 the latest.


The All-New V60 arriving early 2019.

Love the v60, I almost went with a Polestar but the interior was so dated. Now that Polestar is a separate brand I’ll be curious to see how they sport this one up. Hopefully the residual is better too.

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Looks like later this summer at the new plant they’ll be made at.

But no pictures or details…

This looks really good. The V90 also looks great. Saw the V90 CC yesterday and it looks terrible.

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I’m so glad this will be offered in a proper sport-wagon type trim, instead of the lifted and plastic clad CC like the V90, Audi All-Road, Outback, Crosstrek, etc.

Some dealers are now getting the proper V90’s in stock, but charging a boat load.

Amen. Glad to see Volvo selling a proper wagon again.

one word POLESTAR! even its an all electric version.

@Ursus had a decent posting on a V90 CC the other day, but those V90 wagon only are so sweet.

I’m not going to turn down an R-Design spec either. Love the seats in those.


I’m obsessed, too. It’s my next car but based on timing of my lease I might get the current V60 and then slip into another one when I can. The old design and interior have held up really well.

Love the Volvo wagons, especially the ocean race V90cc. Bummer that A-plan is the make or break on leasing them.

Just pay for VCOA and wait your year or pray it comes back to costco.

Any idea how much it is?

45 for one year 120 for three. Cant use A plan until 12 month anniversary

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Sounds worth it. Similar to what I did for BMW cca. $45 for one year, but ended up with a $250 rebate for leasing a loaner. Higher rebates for other models.

Well my C300 lease ends in two months so I’ll try again in 2020 lol.

They aren’t as well reviewed and the backseat may be a pile of bricks, but you could also look at the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, I’m guessing dealers will start trying move them in a quarter or two because it is rumored they will get a redesign in 2019. See if any of them try to move them at the end of march since that is the end of Jaguar fiscal year.

Just looked at the XF thats a big nope unless you get big big big discounts and incentives.

I was probably going to go on the impossible hunt of an A-4 Allroad but thats an idea

Tis impossible. I wish those weren’t full of plastic cladding.