My new stelvio ti sport $404/mo $0das 52500 msrp

Just picked up the new stelvio.

52440 msrp
Ally 24/12 lease
500 loyalty
500 true car
$404/mo $0 Das 23 payments to follow

Message me if you want some details or advice. More than happy to help, this forum really helped me out.

Philly area


Well done. Congrats!

I want this deal, we have 100+ in my state lets go! Illinois
all I want is
TI Sport with 20’ sport wheels (White, grey or black, in that order.)
Stereo (Harmon)

Ready to sign today!

I lost one but I have faith :slight_smile:

That would be impossible :smirk:

pix in the trophy garage thread plz

Please PM me salesperson’s contact info, i’m very interested, i even got myself the Truecar certificate

I’m tired of hearing that phrase. It’s possible!

All these dealers promise the best deals and when you lay a deal out, they tell you it’s impossible.

It clearly isn’t!

Harmon is not possible. Harman is :grin:

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Can you show us a copy of the worksheet?

Hi, I will message you. I am in Allentown area.

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I was just gonna ask the same, worksheet or the actual contract would be great, thanks in advance!

No prob guys. I’ll post it up tomorrow. I wanted to buy through Justin in Erie. Shipping and settling for a color I didn’t want killed that deal. He made it possible by giving me such an incredible quote. I can’t praise his transparency and honesty enough. I actually teamed up with another leasehackr and emailed this dealership and we both took delivery today. He paid 454 for a 51500 msrp, no loyalty incentive. They gave him a 16% off quote and me 14%. I asked what’s up with that? And they dropped my price $1000. So instead of the $450 payment I was going to make, it dropped to $404. Sorry if I didn’t respond to messages. I will. I got a tundra coming Friday for $313/mo also. This forum rocks!

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Out of curiosity was this one gray?

$404 including 9% PA tax?

Who is eligible for loyalty?

mind sharing the dealer name thanks

You realize you could have leased a CRV for the same price, right?

But, but, but… it’s a Honda! It has Car play!




Hope this helps you guys negotiate. Remember I had loyalty for having a ram 1500 lease, 500 true car, it’s an aged unit (B vin), and I also got them an additional sale through a referral the same day. I originally was paying $450/mo, but the stars aligned this week, and they dropped the price an extra $1000.
Also, Justin at Erie had me quoted at 419/mo for a more heavily optioned stelvio, if it was convenient and he had white on black I would have 100% bought through him instead.


Great deal! Please provide me with the contact info when convenient…