Mustang Mach-E GT Negative Equity Options

Hi folks
Have a classic negative equity question here. Picked up a Mustang Mach-E GT last summer, MSRP 65k. No point in overthinking sunk costs but goal was always to have a bit of fun for a bit, and not keep it all 3 years of the lease (actually Ford Options Balloon loan). Payment is $1100/month. Not that I can’t afford, I just didn’t want to afford it.
The current residual, at 43% at end of lease, was I considered it artificially low and there was tiny bit of hope that there maybe some equity even at the end of the lease, if I decided to ride out the whole lease.

Well, the market has shifted. Resales values have plummeted. The current payoff is 60k.The highest offer I’ve gotten (online, not in writing yet), is somewhere around 48k. Thats 12k in negative equity.
Trying to consider what options I have, IF I decide to sell it or just keep it:

  1. Keep the car, ride out the lease. Brunt of the depreciation is already done. Cost over next 24 months: $1100*24 = $26k

  2. Ditch the car, eat the 12k. Replace it with cheaper car (Not sure if I can pull off those magical unicorn EQS deals), say $600 a month. Total cost over 24 months = $26k

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If it’s not making life impossible for you, ride it out. I wouldn’t trade a negative equity for another likely negative equity car (even with all the money being thrown at them)

Just MHO.


No, I would not roll the equity into another car, at these rates, makes no sense. I would probably pay it out of pocket.
Just shocked to see how much market has shifted. In sept, it was in the 70s. Even in Jan the quotes I had was was in the late 50s. Now we are in mid-40s in 2 months

I am a little confused about your negative equity.

Are you basing it on these numbers?

Using the $65k MSRP, the RV would be $$27,950.

Just ride out the lease.


No, this part was just to consider if I did ride it out

But has your situation shifted? Negative equity is only an issue here if (a) you need to reduce your monthly expenses immediately and unload it or (b) you are stressing about it. The former is possible but very messy; the latter can be an easy psychological fix!


What about private sale on consignment? With ford option you have already paid all the tax upfront.

Private sale as in Craigslist?

No. Hasn’t changed. But I always planned to pay this much monthly for short term basis. Paying 35k over 3 years was never a good idea for me.
Now I am stuck holding the bag…

Thanks Powell and Musk…

You can but I would suggest reaching out to a consignment lot. They put the car on their lot and deal with the customer. They obviously will take a fee but overall you will get more $.

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This is the first time I’ve heard of this. Let me look further

Is the 12k negative equity factoring in the 7.5k fed rebate and 2k Crvp? That would take it down to 2.5k negative equity. That’s not a big hit to take if you can find a unicorn eqs deal.

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Curious if this is the one that got hit? Or the other one.

That check pays for 12 more months of utility driving the Mach E - I personally wouldn’t eject now if you are fine driving it for 6+ more months.

That attitude won’t get you anywhere in life. Some of us tried to warn you. Please reclaim your agency here.


So far, I’ve paid 13k for the car, and I’ve gotten back 9.5k in rebates. My cost has been just shy of 4k, which is great.
But yeah, if I do sell, I have to pay that minimum 12k. In fact, most quote are in the 15-16k negative range, only 2 are about 12k.

Correct. Current MFs are so high, I would rather not finance that cost.
Most likely, I will drive it. I just hate the range on the Mach-E though. I barely get 220 miles on the highway, 0-100%. But in reality, since you only use 10-90% battery , real world range is even less

Auction is 56k.

Find someone to run it for a consignment fee

Does it have a sad carfox?


Warn for what? I did manage to sell the other one for a small profit, but nothing offsetting this one

I was in a similar situation with my Ioniq 5 when the market shifted on electric cars. Your delta is much bigger than mine was tho. Jumped into a macan and couldn’t be happier (at least until the next lease hack).

I love how the Mach-E handles. I am just kinda frustrated with the real world range. And I was REALLY hoping for a situation where I am not averaging 1100/month for leasing this

If I remember correctly you are in nor cal
It’s going to rain on Tuesday
Go park it in a high flood area and be done with it


Its raining cats and dogs today as well…

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