Mustang Mach E - California

California has a Clean Fuel Credit for $1500 on top of the $7500 Federal EV Credit. So with how much the eGolf has appreciated this year.

The Mustang Mach E; have been being manufactured for a year. They are not a new vehicle.

A good portion of the dealers I have talked to want $10,000 above MSRP. As well they will not be passing through the Federal EV credit.

Basically they want $17K more than MSRP. People are ridiculous, a little.

Going to do some homework on the VW ID4. Still have 14 months on my lease and its all paid for so not in a hurry but its crazy how silly people are with money and what some people ask.

The dealer has no say in this.

Ford offers some balloon loan programs with guaranteed buy backs that essentially gives you the benefits of a lease but still allows you to claim the federal ev credit.

The mustang mach-e has been out for about 6 months. That’s pretty ‘new’ in my book.
I know you are frustrated that dealers won’t make a ‘deal’ but unfortunately that’s how it goes for a less than 2 model year car (And this thing is like 6 months old).

See if they will let you order one at MSRP. That’s a trick that might work.

Just no way if Ford is keeping the $7500 EV Credit they can pound sand.

Will go get a VW ID4.

Good luck finding an ID4 deal. Judging from other posts in here, you’ll find some of the same dealer shenanigans.

In 14 months, there’s likely to be much better options on the market than the ID4.


Do to the above thread reply, and the experience in the last week. Put a $100 reserve down on a F150 Lightning; its fully refundable. And the website mentioned that the order of the reservations does not mean people get to order the vehicle in that order. So when ordering is opened on Oct 26 2021. Will I be able to order? Or will only the people that put reservations down 6months + ago be able to order?

Need a HOV lane vehicle in California. The VW eGolf has been great for us, no one wanted it and so I bought it at 20% below MSRP when everyone wanted Telsa. As well as the tax credits were about 50% of the value of the 3 year lease. The one thing I am not crazy about is the VW eGolf size; its safety size. All freeways are 78mph on the average around here+ or -. Have two young kids and a wife to take care of. If something happened to them; just not worth being cheap about a bill. Most of the time we transport the kids in my 2020 GMC AT4 1500; just its putting alot of miles on my Truck at a big cost. Plus my wife gets the truck most of the time and I get the eGolf :slight_smile: . Its all about safety really.

Candidly not crazy about the looks of the F150 F150 Lightning. Although it will be a HOV lane vehicle; as well it will be larger and safer; and cheaper than a BMW x5 PHEV. Will probably buy a XLT with adaptive cruise control (a must). Mid $50s; probably $55K.

Asking for peoples experience.

  1. Does Ford ever provide the Federal EV credit on Leases? This is going to be the deal breaker. With the infrastructure bill there is a decent chance that between now and the spring the EV tax credit for union built vehicles the F150 will qualify; and the Federal EV Tax Credit will be $12,500. My experience this week that Ford is not passing the EV tax credit through on the Mustang Mach E. Do people believe that is just the supply times we are in? Or the car being new? If Ford does not pass on the credit on a lease; and wants to keep the public funding I wont buy it.

  2. Do you believe having a reservation will allow one to buy on Oct 26 or is one going to be in a line for months before they let you put in an order? There are more reservations than the production for next year but most people put in a reservation for $100 then cancel before ordering time.

  3. When you customer order like this off a reservation and the vehicle is in great demand being new does the dealer have the ability to add on a “market adjustment” of several thousand above MSRP; when the vehicle is delivered. If they know you will walk away when you dont pay the crazy markup and they can resell higher so their just using you for a guaranteed sale or a method to obtain supply? Do they basically take every customer to the cleaner?

It’s important to keep in mind that “passing on the ev credit” doesn’t have to come in the form of an actual itemized incentive. On a lease, it can also look like a subvened mf, an inflated rv, etc. There are different ways to approach it and they have different pros and cons. In California, the lessor inflating the rv rather than giving an itemized incentive will actually save you money in taxes (pro) although it makes it less desirable to buy out at the end (con).

As mentioned earlier, there are also options like the Ford balloon loan with a predetermined buyout that acts like a lease, but let’s you claim the tax credit still.

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Thank you. Your a good dude. For everyone else.

Additionally the response helped me find.

I can understand if on Ford Leases they increase the Residual Value by $7500; aka increase the buyout by the price of EV credit. Went back and asked the Ford Dealers I have talked to today about this.

Personally cannot use the tax credit; have businesses that are repaying me hundreds of thousands in loans lent to them over a life time. So my W2s/my paper income is low.

I wouldn’t look to the Ford dealers to provide any useful information regarding how the bank is applying things. They should know what the programs are but they won’t know why the programs are the way they are.

Personally if I was cross shopping a mach e and an id4 right now, looking for the best value, I’d end up in a polestar 2.


Found this as well. Probably going to be the same scenario with the F150 Lightning Ford is not going to pass the EV tax credit on leases.

I’ve talked to two dealers in SoCal ThAt will let you order at MSRP. If you do the balloon payment program for three years it’s just like a lease and you claim the 7500 credit.

Lots of options over the next year.

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Not “passing” the full EV credit on a lease is not new. BMW i3 was also “above MSRP” and not getting the full credit at release in 2014 (hard to believe). Then they started doing increments of $4k, $5k etc…

AUDI also did the same with etron leases (1k lease at launch). And of course, any time a dealer in involved, they may “forget” to mention any incentives and/or tell you their discount is x, when all they are doing are passing some incentives…

Audi only did at launch. They eventually added it. The point is still valid though.

Taking a chance wanted the F150 Lightning; although the production numbers wont be there to fill my reservation by the time our HOV sticker runs out.

So bought a Ford Mustang Mach E online this morning.

Delivery on the premium is 28+ weeks out so late May 2022.

Hopefully Ford will come around and be reasonable with leases. Wont take the order to final if they wont pass on the credit.

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They have the Ford Options Plan, which is balloon financing with the option to turn in the car at the end like leasing. You should get the $7500 tax credit too, since technically you are purchasing the car rather than leasing. Also make sure the dealer you placed has a refundable deposit.

Its not the same.

Your paying sales tax on the full value of the vechicle and you need to go get the credit yourself at tax time.

The bill with the potential no ev credit allows it to be a point of sale rebate. Doesn’t look like it’d go to Ford.

Unfortunately, the Mach e seems to be made in Mexico, so the tax credit amount isn’t stellar if it does apply.

Pardon might you please reword or elaborate on the above sentence. I did not understand after a couple reads.