Muscle car Lease

Guys I am in the market for a muscle car and this is going to be my first lease. I have always thought lease is a bad option until someone introduced me to this group. So my questions might sometimes be dumb.

I was looking at the LT1 but looks like it is too late and the current dealers and brokers are quoting around $600 out the door.

Other options I am looking at are

Dodge challenger
Dodge charger
Camaro LT1
Subaru wrx ( not muscle) but I like subaru’s

Any help on getting me a good deal would really be appreciated

Everybody on this forum will agree that the camaro is best bang for buck by far.

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$600 for camaro is still a good deal ? I saw a ton of posts about getting it for 300’s. So couldn’t make a decision on what would be a good number

LT1 /thread

Just need to find a dealer that’ll accept supplier pricing


There are still deals to be had on LT1s, especially if you qualify for supplier and especially since you’re in CA.

I don’t qualify for the supplier discount I suppose

Except for a short period in late 2020 when Chevrolet was offering employee pricing for all, the key on these LT1 have been----

A dealer that will honor GM supplier (this is harder to find these days unfortunately😢

GM supplier code (check your employer…)

A dealer that will waive the dealer fee as is called for in the supplier rulebook

Base MF (or a bigger discount to account for something other than base).


Can see what it will be without supplier. I think supplier is 750 discount, so approx $20-$30 more per month if thats the case.

That will be close to $400 without supplier discount. Does not seem to be a bad deal to me

Would recommend you contact him. He has been working with the community for a while.

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There’s an additional $750 supplier rebate, but supplier also locks in a price that is $1500ish below MSRP as well. That’s not normally some big win, but with many of these cars going above MSRP it can be helpful.

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GMS is employee pricing and Supplier is the usual GM supplier talked about.

Right now base MF on a 39/10
is 0.00048 and RV is 62%. A “good/great” lease now IMO would be $400 or less effective per month (assuming one isnt in a tax heavy state) on low 40s msrp.

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I agree… I just checked his lease listings and those are what I would call good deals✔️

here’s the $299/month Chevrolet LT1 national lease program this month…

Problem is, is that none of the dealers has any cars. And if they do they’ll want top dollar for them

Unfortunately true :frowning: I have only found a very very limited number of dealers in Florida that have an LT1 and are willing to do supplier. Most are not honoring supplier and are well above MSRP.

In CA is the entire car taxed or the monthly lease ?

Ca taxes on the monthly

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LT1 is likely your best bet. The Challengers and Chargers can be had at a decent deal, if you find a dealer willing to play ball and you do a balloon loan. Otherwise you will have to get into Hellcat territory, if you can afford it. The rent charge is nearly nonexistent but you still have to pay to play.

Mustang, basically the same story. Muscle cars, in general, lease very poorly.

I better contact the dealer who has some LT1s available

Problem is they won’t send us a lot of these low msrp builds and of course these do not include drive off such as dmv fees registrations taxes etc so it adds up

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