Motorcycle versions of Carvana/Shift/Vroom

Has anyone had any experience with a service like carvana/shift/vroom for motorcycles that isn’t Rumble On?

I’ve got a couple bikes I’m trying to sell, but they don’t pop up in the Rumble On database, so they can’t give me a price.

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I like you more and more every day.

Pics please

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The main troublemaker with Rumble on is my 2008 Benelli TNT Sport Evo. There aren’t exactly a lot of them in the US. This is the same bike that CA DMV loves to lose the proof of insurance on (because I think the VIN doesn’t show up in their system), so they’ll randomly suspend my registration for no insurance, and then neglect to bill me for registration when it’s due… and then try to send me to collections for non-payment.

The other bike I’m trying to sell is an 09 Aprilia Mana

And then I’ve got a couple disassembled bikes that’ll go up on craigslist.


Same Benelli that makes the shotguns?

That’s a sharp bike, especially considering it’s 12 years old.

The companies split a long time ago, but they once were the same

Carbon fiber on that red bike? Really cool.

Just a little

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Pshhh… peasant! Not enough for me.

The wonders of Italian design. I bought it from a guy that picked it up to keep his ferraris company in the garage. I don’t know that he even knew how to ride. His personal mechanic came by once a week and fired it up along with the cars.

It now has a whopping 1179 miles on it.

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How about now?

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Of course, if we are talking things in my garage with lots of carbon fiber, this takes the cake


:heart_eyes: that should do it!

@mllcb42 how much do you reckon she will go for? Not in the same league, but I was disappointed about how much I got for my 08 super Duke. Rare bike, thought there would be demand for it but not so much… Bet you’ll have better luck than I though. Short riding season around here.

I’d like to see $7k. There’s only one other one for sale in the US right now, and it’s a lower trim (the Sport Evo variant is the top trim and has some added extras), has 10x as many miles, and is beat to crap. It’s been sitting on cycletrader for about 3 weeks at $6500.

I’ve got two things going against me here… it’s a rare bike, so very niche market and not that many people know what it is and Benelli was bought out by a Chinese company that’s been selling crappy little mini bikes under the TNT badge, so someone searching for a “benelli TNT” is going to get see those first.

Beautiful Benelli, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that clean!

I’ve been on the hunt for a new bike after my Ducati was totaled a few months ago(vandalism) but need something that can comfortably fit two people or else I’d jump on that fine specimen.

As far as RumbleOn competitors, I haven’t seen one; you will likely have to settle for CycleTrader and hope someone is looking for one. RO has gotten so much worse over the past year, all they seem to do now is gobble up cars at auction.

I don’t know much about motorcycles but depending on the rarity I would try Bring a Trailer. You can bring them to Florida but the roads are too dangerous to ride a bike.

Hey, it has a rear seat and passenger pegs, they’re just not on right now :wink:

(As far as sport bikes go, it actually has a pretty good sized rear seat)

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Does BaT do bikes? Edit: apparently they do. Learn something new everyday

I’m trying to unload them before I move

Well, I submitted the bike to bring a trailer, so we will see if they accept it.


Look at that lazy boy of a rear seat…

There’s even extra carbon fiber for it that I haven’t installed…