Monthly Cars to Hack Thread *JUNE*

Not sure if this is a thing or not on here but I don’t think it is. Let’s use this post as a place for us to list what cars have the most aggressive and best possible “deals” each month.

Ie… Tundras leasing well, massive tax credit electric cars etc… whatever it may be!

We can update monthly and everyone that can contribute should!

Hopefully a consolidated list like this can help everyone not waste their time and ultimately strive for that elusive “unicorn”


I like it. We should do this every month


So you want someone to put in their time to research what the current best deals are and give you the monthly cliff notes?


Nah I do all my own research and 95% of the time can get a better deal than a broker on here… But it’s not about that.

Is this a forum to help each other get good deals or is it just an advertisement site for brokers to post their deals? What’s your idea of this forum if I might ask?

Naturally someone has to piss on the notion of helping out each other.

It’s not that hard or time consuming for someone to say “ tundras lease well this month, or check for 5 series loaners. They have great incentives”


I like this idea a lot. Definitely a good informational thing and will cut down quite a bit on the “what car should I get” posts. Really hope the mods don’t shut this down.


Of course the site is about helping others get more car for the lowest monthly payment possible. I just think the idea of a curated list in a thread isn’t the best method to create a top deals list. So many of the great deals here are regional or require the dealer willing to use a specific lender or hit a certain discount threshold that most of them would be considered ymmv type of deals.


I would agree the “unicorn” deals are very ymmv, but it seems like generally people can say, “such and such car lease really well because RV is way up and MF is way down plus corporate is offering a ton of incentives.” Like I said, I think it would help with cutting down on useless posts.


What about a way to see the current baseline payment (based on current RV, MF, incentives everyone qualifies for and a 0% discount) and how that compares to historic levels for that same vehicle? Say the last 3 years so you could see where in the pricing cycle current prices are at.

That way the only variable that is ymmv is the dealer’s willingness to discount.

Couple that baseline time series data with a crowd-sourced database of trim-level % discounts and you’d have a tool to know exactly what you are asking for.

This is something that could potentially be built but access to it wouldn’t be free. I’m just not sure how much consumers would be willing to pay for a tool like that.


Unicorns are awesome as it shows what’s possible when a dealer just plain wants a car gone at any cost but to an extent they also hurt the community by setting unrealistic expectations.

I’ll beat others to the punch here and put it out there that I was solidly guilty of this myself at one point with what I’d consider a hot streak of being irresponsible with credit by way of nearly unreplicable deals and lofty guidelines.

The harm I was doing to those who deal in this day in and day out wasn’t apparent until I experienced it first hand by entering the world of brokering. I don’t say this to discourage folks from seeking unicorn deals but as an advisory to take them as corner cases, which they are.

Another thing to be said about chasing horned horselike creatures: You often have to compromise what you’re actually wanting. Pick your poison.


I have wanted to make this kind of model for a while and I support the idea.

I have a pretty good model (BMW only) that essentially matches the hacker calculator, and shows payments across a range of MSRPs at a specified discount %, rebate amount, dealer fee, tax rate, gov fees, etc. It’s best use currently is for looking at one BMW model and see what payments look like on multiple cars with highly different MSRPs (I built this when looking at X3s last year and was trying to comparing MSRP ranges from 48k to 65k…very different payments. I would change the variables monthly when the RV, MF, and rebates would change.

I could start tracking monthly changes in these variables for one or a few models pretty easily, but making a sheet for multiple models across multiple brands would be a massive undertaking. I would be down to discuss further on PM if you want.

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That sounds amazing, but for now it doesn’t exist and might not for a very long time, so I can see value in this thread for now. :slight_smile: As long as we can start getting to what we believe are the best deals of the month.

Good idea, not sure if the mods like it though

Maybe get it into that Deal Huntr thing

You just described what makes this whole silly process fun, LOL

Absolutely. Far away all the best deals I have ever gotten have required flexibility on color, options, etc. If one looks at things closely they will see that certain “must have” options in their mind can become very very expensive.

I don’t think that this is a bad idea at all, however I’d argue that when the main site page has been going well and updated regularly that it served that purpose. That being said, the main page has become somewhat of an afterthought to the forum and those type of updates aren’t really updated as frequently as they would be on a forum topic.


Thats an excellent idea which will help those looking for a cheap deal start in the right direction.I found a great site which gives awesome info on topics such as “best lease deals right now”, “best hybrid/electric lease deals” and “biggest discounts on new cars right now”. RealCarTips I signed up for their emails and once a month sometimes twice emails with very helpful information goes out. Maybe this will help someone.

You have the idea so I guess you volunteered to keep it up every month. Have fun! This will encourage spoonfeeding and laziness IMHO. One can easily find out which cars are leasing well any given month by looking at broker threads and Ask the Hackrs for recurring models.

Prepare for the onslaught of “XYZ said that the insert car here leases well and I told the dealer that and they gave me this offer of $750 a month with $8000 down. Is it a good deal?”


Mods close this thread. This is a rip off of vhooloo’s monthly special thread ™


although it may seem like spoonfeeding, it could go in the right direction.

As the OP mentioned, rather than posting a payment, put a simple note stating why. For ex.,


  1. Tacoma - Great US Bank terms with high RV and decent MF (which can be lowered with MSD) - USBank is not eligible in the southeast (SETF)


  1. BMW SUV’s - Not bad, but RV are not as good as they used to be - Not a good deal to hunt for at the moment.
  2. Audi Etron - Costco + additional discount for marked up MF no longer available - check again in the future.

It’s going to take a lot of work/team effort, but it will be a valuable asset for the informed members. If I’m in the marekt for a sedan or SUV or truck, looking at a cliffnote like this will save me a ton of time and narrow down my choices quickly.

And of course, there will always be people with " XYZ said that the insert car here leases well and I told the dealer that and they gave me this offer of $750 a month with $8000 down. Is it a good deal?"

I’d just ignore/lock them.