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Really nice color combo. Good luck with the transfer.

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Thank you much appreciated!

Please include the DAS and MSD amounts in the title.

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Most assuredly the latter.

If I can get enough interest I’m willing to let it go if we can come to an agreement

Very fair - title amended

I just realized, mileage seems low too. About 780 miles a month. Swapalease might be better.

Dang, that’s a fair point. I see about 800 oer month doing the math but I guess most people need more

Plus NY residents have to pay tax on top of monthly payment so its like 430 a month with the cash down. Not a bad deal but i think there have been cheaper loaners here and most people look for those unicorns. Again, good luck.

Oh man they have to pay tax on top of the 359? That includes NJ tax, that sounds so illegal!

Yes so it kind of restricts your pool of interested parties. Welcome to NY.


In-state transfer would be ideal as they wouldn’t owe any additional taxes and dmv fees would be minimal at transfer.

I believe other states like CT give a break for taxes already paid in a different state, but NY is by far the worst. PA would also add their monthly taxes on top of the payment.

I think $400/month is still a decent deal for this as no one getting that for a true sign and drive deal (plus MSDs)

Thanks for the insight!

I don’t know if NY is the worst or is it NJ for keeping all the tax money for the car that was transferred out, assuming taxes were paid upfront?

They are both bad but NJ is certainly better. NJ does provide prorated refunds if the car is totaled or leaves the state (not sure about a lease transfer). They also do not retax an instate transfer as NY should, although people here said they avoided re-tax.

To me it looks like #22 applies. Question is why doesn’t the finance company recalculate the lease amount since they could be getting some of the money back from NJ? If this is on the consumer, they should provide an incentive equal to the amount they could be getting back.

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Agreed…I’m actually trying it as we speak…i know it takes months but money is money in the end … keep you all posted.

Bump!! 101010

How would this work if the tax was financed into the monthly payments? Would you still get a refund? (Purely out of curiosity.)

Nice car! The Canaberra Beige interior is really nice, I didn’t mind the Sensatec when I tested an identical 330i.