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No idea on the tax question, but thanks man. I like the car, but something about it just doesn’t feel “special”.

What were you looking for? I was admittedly impressed by the next-generation 3 Series. (But I wouldn’t go back to a purely gasoline car, even if it has a surprising amount of hybrid technology.)

Not so much the performance, which I think can’t really be beat in this segment, more so looks and interior. I am coming from a 4 series m sport convertible with the red interior and 19 inch wheels, so something more eye catching but comfortable for my commute at the same time

Interesting you say that. I had the exact same car for about a week, and found that it was definitely eye-catching. The new 3 Series gets a lot of attention.

It was funny with the interior ambient lighting because I had it set to blue at max brightness and almost got pulled over until I assume the cop realized it was stock with the car, turned off his lights, and drove off. Ambient lighting makes a huge difference to enjoying the interior.

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I think I’m eyeing the A5 coupe with the upgraded wheels, it’s a beauty

I can’t blame you for quickly turning over the car to try something else. That’s part of the fun of leasing.

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Yup, only problem is my family thinks I have an addiction :slight_smile:

Depends on if you’re pulling up in a different brand of car every month :joy:

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Dropped DAS! Under 400 all in!

If #22 in the tax guide applies in a transfer situation, then I think the OP would have to file for the refund – they are the leasee… The finance company is only playing the bank here, and has no legal standing since they didn’t pay the tax – the leasee did.

If that’s the case, then there is about $400 of tax refund that is potentially out there after the transfer.

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