Mirai purchase option

Hi all, just looking for some wisdom from the forum. I have a beast of a commute and will be driving around 20k miles a year. Need a carpool sticker to mitigate travel time (I hope) and have been looking at various lease assumption and purchase options.

Currently there is a program for the Mirai on certified used vehicles that provides 3 years of gas and 0% financing. Part of me thinks I may end up upside down given that a 50k car is selling for 12k now and the future of hydrogen is bleak. On the other hand a sub $200 payment and no fuel cost for 3 years is appealing.

Anyone have any insights? Other ideas? Want to tell me I am insane?

How many stations are near you? How flexible is your commute time? When I was looking at doing this for a commuter vehicle in socal, the infrastructure for filling didn’t make sense. Too many single point failures with what has proven to be a very unreliable filling network.

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Yea, commuting from SFV to Irvine. I have seen a couple of articles about stations running out, which is certainly another factor to consider. What did you end up doing? Electric?

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I moved out of socal, and then went electric. I would have gone electric as well if I stayed.

Ah yes, that first step is mighty tempting as well…


This thread has some good information:


That is bleak - didn’t occur to me that insurance and reg would be so expensive either. Yikes.

Thanks for finding that. And we’ve had several Mirai early adopters here who shared lots of experience if you search for those too.

As someone living in SoCal who momentarily considered HCF, my TL;DR is:

  • Hydrogen fuel for cars is exciting, but far from primetime. Antiquated fueling infrastructure compared to EVs that frequently leaves you at Toyota asking for your free rental Corolla
  • for a 2nd car that has hov access and leases well, it’s not a bad option (a Bolt or etron is better imo)
  • as a primary car, even a new one can still be problematic
  • there is no universe where I assume responsibility for one, new or used, ever. Lease or nothing

Good luck!