Mini deals ---- until end of this month only

Sorry I have been really sick the last couple of weeks!

Get your flu shots!!!

These have to go by the end of the month. No more stupid lease deals after this.

Remember these are First payment+ Tax + Doc fee.

12 month leases do not work in Texas, Georgia or Virginia (due to upfront tax).

12 months is at 15k per year (cannot do a 10k or 12k lease)

24 months is at 10k

36 months is at 10k.

Please come and PICK these up. I will not send out paperwork.

Please contact me @


That’s amazing. $71 for a 37k mini. That’s 0.20% of MSRP. (Monthly is one fifth of one percent of MSRP)

Loberant any deals in NY, NJ, CT, PA, MA, Washington DC?

No sir.

They are in Greenville, SC.

About 1 1/2 hours away from Charlotte, NC or Atlanta.

Thank you. Do you ever get any deals in these states. I am on the lookout for a friend for an X5 and 5 series. Worst case we will fly down. Thank you though, good work on these.

@loberant How about a new BMW list? I think you said that the new program for lower residuals on demos start March first? I’m scheduled to sign for a GMC tomorrow, but would love to get a shot at a BMW before then. I’m in Nashville FYI.

I noticed these are only for the Countryman, are there any other 2016 mini executive demo models that you can apply to the 12 month lease terms?

@loberant Only one car so SoCal? Will there be more coming (Mini/BMW) in near future? Thanks!


All sold.

Thank you @loberant

Please HMU in March with pretty much anything BMW and xdrive coming off demo or manager lease! X5 / X6 / 235 or cabriolets (any) wife and I need cars the same time.

I must say though I’d run a Mini S as a 3rd for the giggles at these prices!

I live in Charleston and am interested in an X5 or larger BMW, if any deals come up.