Midsize 3 row SUV option?


Hey all, just have a small question. My apologies if this is covered a ton.

We currently lease a 2021 Nissan Murano. We got it last summer for my wife, but it was very much something she “settled” on, as we were unable to lease another Pathfinder at that time (there was no 2021 model) and her lease was up. We got a decent deal on it, considering the times. $450/month, loaded SL 4WD. My question is, I’m considering the option of seeing if a Nissan dealer would buy it back, considering how high used car values still are, and trying to get her what she really wanted…which is either another Pathfinder, or something similar. Back when we were looking a year ago, she did also like the Honda Pilot and Mazda CX-9… but we ended up forgoing those options when we realized that Nissan won’t let you “trade” a lease to anyone other than Nissan. Basically what I’m asking is are there any options out there in terms of a 3 row midsize that we could be looking at that $450 range on? Obviously I’m going to do some digging in terms of what her Murano is worth versus her payoff to see if there’s some positive equity there. But is there any hope at all right now of finding something like that? We are in Indiana, by the way. Thanks all!

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