Miami South Florida Signed - 2018 Jeep Cherokee Limited $269 plus tax first month due at signing


I helped out a friend get the following deal.
Jeep Cherokee Limited.
MSRP $33150
Monthly payments $269 plus tax
Just first month due at signing.
Term 36/10.
Not the best deal I have ever negotiated but it is pretty decent for the South Florida Market.


Looks very good actually.

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Pretty good…where was this from?


The deal was done in Miami Florida.


What dealership?


I sent you a pm


for Miami this seems like a good deal

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Tell me about it. Miami is usually horrible when it comes to leasing.


What was dealer price?


$4100 below invoice.

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Definitely want to give share the deals at Brigham Gill in Natick, MA, if anyone is looking for solid Jeep deals in Massachusetts.

Additionally, they have Durango GTs (2018)s for $450 PM with only first payment down. All include 6.25% MA sales tax.


Below dealer invoice
Or, below msrp?


I feel like you could have done way better 2,400 $240 on Long Island for the same car on Long Island

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Below MSRP


What does the 2400 stand for?


I’m in New York but $2400 das which basically covers taxes here in ny


Got you. Unless I am mistaken that comes out to an effective monthly payment of $306. Correct me if I am wrong but that seems less of a deal than what I negotiated…

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We haz totally different terms my bad 39/12 and yours is probs a 4x2?


Lease term is 36/10


Im on long island and lookig for a grand chereookee limited. Please advise