Miami South Florida Signed - 2018 Jeep Cherokee Limited $269 plus tax first month due at signing



I’d have to look at incentives for it but I can tell you where to go and who to go to though do you need a sunroof and gps?


It would be ideal but not a necessity


From what I’ve done taxes and tags das low 4’s 420,430 go to jay marine in smithtown guy use to be a professional bowler not your typical car salesmen and really good guy


Tell him Danny Lux sent you


2018s are so much cheaper compared to 2019s!

I’ve been working hard trying to find a good deal on a 2019 GC Limited X 5.7L Hemi $52-53 MSRP and cant get a monthly payment lower than $585 DAS for 39/10 or $600 DAS for 36/10.

You guys think Jan/Feb will give better numbers? I have 2 months left on my subaru forester lease that I am dying to get out of!