Mercedes Stop Sale

Yeah, man. It is what it is.

I returned my dad’s EQS and MBFS is like your late on your payments. I am like car was grounded by the dealer and all. The dealer said we had no info on grounding this vehicle but luckily I had the business card of the guy I worked with.

Even Jeep takes care of their customers far better than MB. My wagoneer was in the shop and Jeep is like we can pay for any expenses for you that might have arised.

$1800 S500 2023 model!!! Who wants it lol? NY dealer low doc fee! These people are sick in the head

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Haha counter with $800 lol

Lol I’ve been instructed by the old man that he does not want a 500 anyways. But for $800, I’d force him to drive it and like it.

Yes I get it. My old man doesn’t care about the power anymore only the luxury and a “deal.” I told him this isn’t Costco lol.

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Change the 0 to an 8 on the truck. He won’t know

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I was told that eventually all of the 23’s would be affected by the stop sale and that they are being recalled in waves according the VIN. Could be BS but does it make sense to you?

Funny thing is I know people who have done that in the past.

Quick story. My BMW dealer puts “Courtesy Vehicle” plate frames on their service loaners, they don’t put the window decals. My service advisor once told me that the number of people who take those plate frames off when they drive the car is astounding.

It’s mind boggling how vain people can be lol

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What ?
$800- some Nissan dealers wants for Ariya LOL.

There’s still support on the 2022 SLs, but nothing to write home about. 36/7.5 is 0.00253 MF with 62%/59% residual for SL55/SL63.

Stop sale lifted apparently!

Sorry for the late response. Did you need help still?

All good! Thank you