Mercedes G550 deals?

And before that, the Third Reich were fantastic customers!


Wow this escalated quickly.

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Always important to know the past, lest you repeat it.

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Thanks for the feedback. My backup plan is to walk if I don’t get this custom order at MSRP. I can pay them cash or finance through MBFS, which they’d prefer to make some money on the finance side… I see too many “social media” personalities buying these cars and I assume paying over sticker, but I worked for my money, so I’m not going to do that. April delivery date is close at hand…

I got a g550 order in for myself at sticker. Have an incoming black/red g63 at $30k over!

Ok, got the update. Car is in ship port in California. Looks like they’re asking for a +$10k or about 6% upward adjustment. Does that sound fair? It seems high. I need to call them and talk it out…advice? MSRP is $135k with my $2k in options.

In your earlier posts, you were ready to walk if they didn’t give MSRP - still ok with that? The market being what it is, pretty sure they can get $10k over all day long… lots of folks spending on big ticket items… so it’s up to you how much you want it.

Quick Update: Slept on this for one night and then agreed to the $10k over sticker. Wired them $155,644 on top of $2k deposit from back in October when I custom ordered the car. That’s the total after tax, title, license, fees, etc. Why? At the end of the day, I can’t take this money with me and the car makes me HAPPY :blush:!

I hope this helps you guys. BTW, I was told car would be ready in a few weeks once it got to the shipping port, but once I wired the full amount, the car was ready in 48 hours… Go Figure!

Now I have to figure out what to do with tires, wheels and the brush guard. I know this is a Lease forum and my original intention was to lease this car, but that didn’t make any sense nor were there any available to buy or lease, so ended up custom ordering one. I’ve always wanted that military green color with light interior.


Great deal! Enjoy the car

Congrats enjoy your new ride!

Didnt realize they were plugins

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Congrats, enjoy the ride! Share pics!

:), yes…it was a special option.

Killer deal, interested in 1 if you hear of any openings also in socal.

Have a 2022 G550 Available at $15k over MSRP White with Black interior $141,750 MSRP

$2499 plus tax 48 months
$2615 plus tax 42 months
$2789 plus tax 36 months
10,000 miles per year
$15,000 DAS + $T&L

Call or Text for exact quote 949-544-1669