Mercedes G550 deals?

Do dealers ever discount on a new G550? Looking to finance one…but flexible on timing. Maybe December would have some sort of program?

Simple answer: No. In SoCal where I am, I recall @legendsauto saying that solid deals were like 30k over sticker no adds. No sure about NY but doubt discounts are possible.

Why would december have a different program?

Discounts on a new grounded inventory car, @ethanrs, @Luxe.Autos, @legendsauto and I would all pounce and salivate hahaha. At below sticker anyone would be stupid right now to not take one.

G wagons are hot, many places are sold out and fresh unclaimed cars are on the closer end to a year out.

Phoenix is selling them at $20-25k over MSRP all day. So rare to get one in stock so when we do, it wont last more than a weekend. We just paid over MSRP to buy someone’s 2020 G-550 with 4,000 miles which we are now selling for $20k over its original MSRP.

The 63’s are 20-30 over
550’s are 10ish


Feb2021 Update requested: has the market cooled off a little for the 2021 G550s??? I have one on order for April delivery, but not sure on the price yet. I’m in SoCal. MSRP is $132ish.


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What do you mean by you are not sure of price? Did you agree for MSRP before ordering or not?


No. They took the order, with the options and $2500 deposit. The price will be negotiated when they have the car delivered in April. I did ask about price, but they can’t write a contract without a VIN or stock#. I’ve bought several S500 and S550s from these guys, so I’m hoping they stick to MSRP. Just wondering if others are seeing smaller markups or no markups on the G550. It’s been out for 3 years now (2019, 2020 and 2021).

They can’t write the contract, but they certainly could negotiate price if they wanted to.

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I hope you have a back up plan. They will probably tell you between 10-20k mark up when the car arrives at the dealership and expect you to accept it since you have waited for so long. If you say no they will sell it to the first person who agrees to take it.

An acquaintance just agreed to buy a G550 for MSRP from a sales person in a Socal dealership. Couple hours later they called him to say there was a mistake and the best they can do is 10k over. The day after manager call him and asked for 20k over. The day after that they apologized again and asked for 30k over and to return 10k after 90 days if the car is not exported to South America.

I hope you will have a better experience. :slight_smile:


Market is still very hot on these vehicle. Over MSRP all day long


Just stop paying over Msrp for these cars. I’m sure it’s a great car but does it really worth paying 30k more? If 10 people rejects overpaying and leaves the table in the same dealership, I’m sure the dealer will stop asking over as well.

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For the life of me I never understood all the buzz about g-wagon but I am a sleek design kind of a guy.


The G-Wagon market is still insane. 10/15k over for G550s and 40/50k over for desirable spec G63s (30k over is a steal). I sold the one I had posted previously in another thread (2020 with 8k ish miles) since I was offered 25k over and paid 14k over.

I just picked up this (other) 2020 for 14k over which was a phenomenal deal. Slapped a dealer plate on it and intend on driving it for a few months. All around an awesome car but I’d recommend paying cash on something slightly used and buying it right.


My friend ended up buying one for $5000 over sticker after talking to many dealers. They paid for shipping so it was more like $4000 over.

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Is it specifically just a g wagon thing? Are autobiography range rovers, Bentleys, or any of the other higher priced suvs having the same type of mark up?

Primarily G63s. Anything in super high demand with low supply (most exotics nowadays). I just bought a new weekend car to replace my C8 and got an insane wholesale deal, only catch is what I paid wholesale now was over retail a year ago. Everything is super inflated atm, feels like we’re in a bubble.


Didn’t you just get the C8!!??