Mercedes-EQ (EQS) Interior

And here is the car itself. Very bland and, quite frankly, unattractive. Looks like a gigantic Hyundai Sonata from 2 generations ago. I can forgive that b/c of the low Cd, but, the squiggly tailights, not so much.

The thing is butt ugly, like resized CLA…

The Audi E6 or whatever its called is a knockout, as long as it doesnt get mangled by the time it enters production form

Most generic thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s like a 2015-era computer was asked to draw a car through machine learning


I can see the reason they did it, for aerodynamics, but obviously some brands have done it better than others. :chocolate_bar:

When you order a concept car from Wish…

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“Because it’s so massive, the top of the dashboard is surprisingly high and gives the car a bit of a Camaro’s gun slit windows feel.”

Perhaps my least favorite aspect of the Camaro - why would they copy that…

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Yes, very much so. No soul. No originality.

To be fair… In this case case, perhaps not, since MB is advertising as the most aerodynamic production car currently available.

B/c tech. :stuck_out_tongue: Particularly unfortunate since, until recently, MBs have had relatively low cowls. Ugh.

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if it didn’t have a badge to identify it, I would have guessed the next Lincoln “Car Service”.


This car is completely overrated, I have a feeling this EQ isn’t going to sell well at all.

Well if they throw money behind it, it may be an interesting hack!


It will sell about as well as the S class does. Fleet / private chauffer but with the “look at me I’m doing my part for the environment” twist.

How is it possible to know if a car’s over-rated when no one outside the company has driven one yet and only a few journalists have been driven in one?

cmt look at it GIF by The Ed Bassmaster Show

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The performance on this would have to be laferrari esque to balance the exterior design.

The panamera has successfully used this method, even while competing with say an Aston Martin Rapide.

Panamera - sounds exotic, mysterious, feline. Rapide sounds like someone is making fun of a foreign language.

I saw a camouflaged car recently that appeared to be an EQS (or possibly EQE). While I cannot say the shape was elegant, it was very striking. In this segment, “performance” may be the tech inside the car and driving range. This will probably deliver on both.

The Bangle’d BMWs should’ve destroyed the company, IMHO, but I think sales actually went UP. So we shall see what happens here…

Just wow :astonished:

The all new Mercedes EQS


That looks interesting. The exterior leaves a bit to be desired, but it’s certainly different.

This car screams “new money”

I don’t know if I agree with that assessment. If eqs will ultimately displace s class, what’s the option for old money?