Mercedes-EQ (EQS) Interior

I think I appreciate that the screen is integrated into the dash. But I still think the interior looks too busy. Three screens? Why are the seat controls still on the door when people don’t need them that often? Things like that.

I have no idea wtf new money is when it comes to cars. That’s just weird lol

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I think it’s because certain things Mercedes would want to keep the way they are for their current customers.

I’ve always seen it as “new money” being look at me, look at me, I have an expensive thing. “old money” being subdued grace visually and all comforts. But I don’t think that logic works anymore.

It didn’t seem worth starting a new thread (mods, feel free to do so, though, if you think appropriate).

MB has introduced a “concept” Mercedes-Maybach EQS and unveiled the EQE. And, gawd, they’re ugly. Mercedes couldn’t design better hood shutlines for any of their EQ cars???

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What happened to the EQC SUV? It was supposed to go on sale in 2020, but it’s not on the MB USA website.

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Back in February, they announced it wasn’t coming to the US right now - based on market research. So we may never get it. I honestly prefer it over the EQE and EQS, exterior looking wise

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The Maybach is all grill and rims, and the non-Maybach is a Honda Clarity.


It’s a Honda Clarity with poor resale value. Hopefully with cash on hood and government incentives, this could become a nice leasehack next year.

Did they hire the Honda design team?

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