Mercedes-EQ (EQS) Interior

Well, if didn’t think screens had gotten big enough, Mercedes takes care of that by providing (as an option) a dash that it composed of nothing BUT screens:


I wonder if the passenger side turns off when not in use, and honestly how much of it can be controlled individually during the night. If the whole thing is on one dimmer, that’s going to be annoying as hell at night.

I was curious how the passenger airbag works with it

There are apparently interior camera(s)/sensor(s) that will dim the passenger display, if it detects the driver’s eyes looking that way (!).


Very “expensively” :slight_smile:

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I like how Tesla started this trend of massive displays, but the Germans are definitely taking it to the next level. I mean, the Mach-E has even a larger Tesla-like display, but they just took Tesla’s idea and made it bigger because well… this is America, and bigger is better. I would really like to see Germans tackle the autonomous driving part. Instead of having a “nap mode” where you pull over and sleep like a trucker on the side of the road, have a “nap mode” where you can sleep while the car drives itself.

May be unpopular opinion, it’s bunch of screens and piano blacks that will age terribly, potentially so even within a 3yr lease, that’s all I see lol. LCDs aren’t expensive but designing a good dash/interior and using good material could be, this is just a lazy attempt riding the “EV must have big screen” hype train. Other parts look phenomenal, so I guess we will wait to see the real car.

piano black is the devil, especially when the do the whole center console/arm rest section with it.

I had a CX-9 for a while, which has the whole piano black center console. Looked great when we drove it off the showroom floor. A week or two of life later, and the car looked 10 years older because every little thing scratched it.

We haven’t even gotten the EQC in the US yet. I’m hoping the EQC or EQE make it over here before my lease ends in 2 years.

…The passenger’s screen mimics the center screen and will play an animation when no passenger is aboard. It will also automatically dim if a camera mounted in the ceiling catches the driver looking at it instead of the road.

Let’s create a problem that does not exist in the first place and solve it by installing more tech because why not? :confused:


The only reason for these types of big displays now is because of TESLA, if TESLA was non existent screens would still be 5 inches and monochrome.

I’ll give you that tesla is at least responsible for the consumer acceptance of duct-taping an ipad to the dash and calling it a design decision.

Glad to see MB is trying to a different direction with this and actually integrate the screens into the dash.

Eliminating any reason to purchase a mercedes, one screen at a time.

Hopefully these lease excellent.

The third screen seems redundant and inefficient. I don’t see how it helps the driving experience in any way.

I’d imagine it’s for the passenger’s experience

I guess, if they can watch a movie on it. Though that would seem awkward considering the driver can’t watch.

But if it’s just another set of controls for the infotainment, why would it be so difficult to use the center screen.

My guess is it’s a move in architecture towards infotainment solutions for each passenger in anticipation of eventual self driving vehicles, etc. I’d be surprised if it was just redundant controls.

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While I don’t think that kind of design looks good aesthetically, it does make a lot of sense ergonomically (looking across, rather than down). I think lots of makes do a better job integrating a screen atop the dash than does MB.

Agreed (even though I’d never be able to afford this). I also don’t like the exterior (from the many camo’d car pics circulating). Looks like a gigantic version of the Sonata… from 2 generations ago. I get that you don’t need a cab-rearward design on an EV, but it looks “cheap” to me.

I think one article said that it is redundant. However, I imagine that MB will eventually move to some sort of in-car subscription services to which all passengers can avail themselves (so more $$$ for MB).

I could see it having the ability to be redundant, but I’d be very surprised if it was only redundant controls.

I think it’s going to be funny that every single time that the driver looks at the passenger side mirror, passenger display will dim out because the driver is looking that way :slight_smile: