Mercedes E300 4Matic 2017 Lease Transfer 27 months - NJ

Posted on swapalease and had a transferee but they got denied by MBFS, meanwhile they have excellent credit and actually currently has an E Class with MBFS that ends in a month. Here is the link to the swapalease post. Anyone on here with great credit that thinks they can get approved want a great deal???

Where is the great deal? Average person might think it’s great, but this is only a decent deal on here.

$640 a month with zero down on a $60k car is a pretty good deal. Getting paid $3k to get a $60k car and pay $640 a month including tax is a great deal. If it’s not great to you and you aren’t interested than move on.

@amasih deal below is a great deal on LH. The bar here is very high.

Here’s one more deal

That’s not even realistic lol

And you have to put down multiple security deposits to get a loaner car that people probably beat the crap out of.

…back to swapalease LOL


If you’re not interested than why comment? Never understood people like you. Nothing better to do than troll.

How is it not realistic? I never posted but I ended up getting a similar deal last year. The details of my deal goes as follows


MSRP: 57,895
Discounted to: 45,650
Fleet Discount Rebate: -2500
My selling price was: 43,150

MSD: 4000
Taxes + First Month + Registration = 2,000

Monthly: 295 + tax = 325 a month.


Congrats on the sick deal!

Because that’s the whole basis of this forum. Any more attitude from you and this thread will be closed.

I don’t want to sour on your posting but people here generally look for something “really good”. They can be harsh at times and if you want to possibly move it here, I would think people are looking for high 300s to get it gone.

I didn’t post to get into a pissing contest about who has the best deal. I posted the deal I am offering to whoever is interested. If it isn’t up to standards of what people expect on here than that’s fine the post will be dormant and the car won’t sell on here. The free market will dictate if it moves or not. If I originally leased the car used like the other deals posted than I would be in a position to offer a better deal. But the deal is what it is. Great or not it’s a better deal than probably 95% of people who lease E classes in America will get.

So I would keep trying to transfer the lease to those Americans on Swapalease instead of LeaseHackrs here.

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Thanks for your contribution and advice, I appreciate it.

FYI I am searching the boards and unless I don’t know how to properly utilize the search function I can’t find a better deal on an E300 than the one I posted available on this site in calendar year 2018.

Cognitive Dissonance is the MENTAL DISCOMFORT that occurs when new information conflicts with previously held beliefs or cognitions.

Confirmation Bias – look for and notice what confirms your belief and IGNORE or UNDERVALUE what contradicts your belief.

OP, you may believe that your deal is a good deal in general. However, please accept that it is not a good deal in Leasehackr community standards.

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Sold. Thanks everyone for all their help.