Mercedes c300 loaner

Hey all,
I’m very new to this. I was wondering if I could get some help on a 2017 C300 loaner vehicle. MSRP is 46, 665. Looking for 7500k miles per year over 36 months in Chicagoland area. Any ideas or tips on what I should be paying. Thanks for your help.

7.5 million miles is a lot :smiley:

There was a previous thread where someone got a c300 loaner for 161 + tax. Search for that one.


How many miles does the car have already?

Unfortunately, I don’t remember. I think about 5k.

Here’s a recent deal

I wouldn’t settle for less than 20% off sticker.

So negotiate from 20% off sticker price and base the lease value off of that?

Find out money factor and residual value from Edmunds website. For a 2017 loaner c class (which are a dime a dozen) the absolute minimum target is 20% off of MSRP