2017 MB C300 RWD Loaner- $161

2017 MB C300 RWD Loaner with 3100 miles:
MSRP: $44,655
Sale Price before rebates: $34760
Rebate: $2500 (United Premier Program)
Lic and tite: $375
Due at signing: $2505 ( 1st month + fees + 10 MSD)
MF: 0.00089 - brought down to .00019 (10 MSDs)
10 MSDs - $2000
Residual 66%
Acquisition fee: $795
Tax: 0 ( I live in a state with no taxes)

Monthly $161.16

Plus I earned 25,000 United points which I value at roughly $4-500

How did I do?


Sign. Take Delivery. And don’t look back.

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Absolutely — I did some rough math at first using the LH calculator when they first showed me the sale price once we got to $161 I was ready to sign.

Great deal. What state? How much negotiation did it take? Great that they gave you the full fleet discount and didn’t claim that the original price included all the dealer cash.

Great deal. What state? - Oregon

How much negotiation did it take? - Not much at all, they already were pretty discounted, I just needed to keep correcting them when they tried to mark up the money factor and slip one past me :wink:

Great that they gave you the full fleet discount and didn’t claim that the original price included all the dealer cash. - They originally had it including the $2000 winter sale, my fleet gave me an extra $500. Collectively it was 28% off MSRP which I felt was pretty good.

Have yet to see a lease as good as this on a C300 loaner, great job. Does it have any option on it or front LED headlights?

I believe you are referring to the premium 2 package which includes the LED lighting.

Yea that’s the one. It would be very hard for me to live with a Benz or a BMW that doesn’t have the LED lights, but for the prices people are paying here for these loaners its still worth it

It has the P1 package (blind spot, keyless go, etc), panoramic roof, heated seats…
I figured for less than $200 a month thats pretty good…

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Great deal. Wow, well done.

Outstanding deal. Almost thought you got an E300 for $161 for a second.

Post pics!

I’m in Seattle, would drive down to Portland for this. Could you pm me the dealer?

The finance person specifically asked me not to tell anyone about it so I’ll have to be careful. I’ll ask the internet sales manager if he’d like some referral business and see if I can privately send you his way. Stay tuned.

Quick update - they called me up realized that they gave me the residual and moneyfactor for an awd vehicle when it was a rwd. So I signed new paperwork with the right residual and money factor and they lowered the sale price in order to honor the $161 a month.



can you share information on this deal?

Looking for a C300 in Washington. If the dealer doesn’t mind, please share the info.

Sure just pm me with what info you’d like.

How did you get the points on United?

It’s part of their United promo for elite members.

I would sign up for this today if I could find a Mercedes dealership in my area that would actually take the offer. Great job on your lease!

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