Mercedes C300 4Matic - Is this a good deal

MSRP: $53,120
Selling Price: $48255 (9.2% disc)
MF: .00055
Residual: 58%
3 years, 12k miles
$620 pmth with sales tax (6.625%)
DAS: $620 (first mth)
$500 dealer check given back to me at signing

620 for a C300 is a bad deal. They’re giving you 5.6% off MSRP to begin with.

What should these cars be leasing for?
What type of disc is typical wuth these cars

I feel like I don’t even need to read these “is this a good deal” threads.

Almost like, if you have to ask…

There is a marketplace forum and a share deals and tips forum, search for C classes there, read the leasing 101 forum, or just save the time and hire a broker.

@nyclife posted a demo for $345 a month last month so I’m sure a 300-450 price is achievable

ok thank you

I got mine for $405 in CT. Looking to transfer the lease if you are interested

Updated the selling proce

Still not attractive your payment would still be $500+ you’re better off finding a demo C300 and leasing that instead if I was you I’d look at 430i Gran Coupe loaners since they’re similar in performance and BMW’s lease much better than any other German brand